1st Edition

Arabs And Jews In Israel/two Volume Set

By Sammy Smooha Copyright 1992
    by Routledge

    376 Pages
    by Routledge

     In this treatment of the problem of Arab-Jewish coexistence in Israel, which furnishes data on the news of Israel's divided population, Dr. Smooha challenges the gloomy perspective that impediments to peaceful relations between Israel's Jewish majority and Arab minority will inevitably lead to ever more violent confrontation. He asserts instead th

    Introduction -- Key Issues -- Selecting the Key Issues -- Ethnic Stratification -- Cultural Diversity -- Legitimacy of Coexistence -- The Israeli-Arab Conflict -- Collective Identity -- Institutional Separation -- National Autonomy -- Group Goals -- Leadership Credibility -- Educational Goals -- Strategies for Change -- Ethnocentrism -- Deprivation and Alienation -- Issues as a Measure of Arab-Jewish Dissension -- Typologies -- Studying Orientation Types -- Arab Orientation Types -- Jewish Orientation Types -- Implications of the Typologies -- Trends -- Trends among Arabs -- Trends among Jews -- Conclusions -- Conclusions -- Appendixes -- Methodology of the Surveys -- The 1985 Questionnaire -- The 1988 Questionnaire