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1st Edition

Arch Bridges

Edited By

A. Sinopoli

ISBN 9789058090126
Published January 1, 1998 by CRC Press
450 Pages

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Book Description

Modern structural engineering surprises us with the mastery and certainty with which it plans and carries out daring projects, such as the most recent metal or concrete bridges, whether they be suspension or arch bridges.
On the other hand, little is yet known about the state of knowledge of construction science and techniques which, well before the arrival of modern methods based on the mechanics of deformable continua, made it possible in the past to erect the vaulted masonry structures rthat we have inherited.
The fact that these have lasted through many centuries to our time, and are still in a fairly good state of conservation, makes them competitive, as far as stability and durability are concerned, with those constructed in other materials.
Although it is known that the equilibrium of the arch is guaranteed by any funicular whatsoever of the loads, contained inside the profile of an arch, finding the unique solution is not such a certainty. In other words, the problem of the equilibrium of vaulted structures is 'Poleni's problem', the one for which the Venetian scientist was able to give an exemplary solution on the occasion of the assessment of the dome of St. Peter's.
Arch Bridges focuses on the main aspects of the debate about the masonry arch bridge: History of structural mechanics and construction, theoretical models, analysis for assessment, numerical methods, experimental and non-destructive testing, maintenance and repair are the topics of the Conference. The breadth and variety of the contributions presented and discussed by leading experts from many countries make this volume an authoritative source of up-to-date information.

Table of Contents

History of structural mechanics
1850-1880: Bridge-building and modern structural mechanics
E. Benvenuto
The relationship between the Gothic model and the conception of bridges
A. Coste
Empirical methods for the construction of masonry arch bridges in the 19th century
M. Corradi
Arch and vault from 1800 to 1864 37
K.-E. Kurrer & A. Kahlow

History of construction
Conceptional design of Renaissance arch bridges
H. Falter & A. Bogle
Brick bridges and historical transportation systems
M. Chalana
Construction knowledge between the 18th and the 19th century applied to arched masonry systems in Venice
G. Riva & P. Valle
M. Levy versus La Gournerie: A debate about skew bridges
A. Becchi
The masonry bridges and viaducts of the first Piedmontese railway, 1845-1853
L. Re
The experimental approach in the evolution of construction systems: The contribution of the Porcheddu company of Turin to the refinement of the Hennebique system for the construction of arch bridges
A.M. Sassi Perino & G. Faraggiana

Equilibrium and limit analysis
The assessment of strength of masonry arches
J. Heyman
Lower and upper bound theorems for masonry arches as rigid systems with unilateral contacts
A. Sinopoli, M. Corradi & F. Foce
On the analysis of multi-ring brickwork arch bridges
M. Gilbert
On the definition of the geometrical safety factor of masonry arches
A. DeRubeis
The mechanism model in the seismic check of stone arches
P. Clemente & A. Raithel

Theoretical models and analysis
Minimum and maximum thrust states in Statics of ancient masonry bridges
M. Como
An upper bound analysis for the strength assessment of masonry arch bridges
A.F. Ashour & S.W. Garrity
A contact mechanical approach to the theory of the elastic voussoir arch
H. Parland & A. Miettinen
Hardening and shakedown of masonry arch joints
B.T. Rosson & T.K. Boothby
On the use of Somigliana dislocations applied to masonry arches
I. Feletti & M. Rapallini

Numerical methods for strength assessment
Finite/ discrete element models for assessment and repair of masonry structures
D.R.J. Owen, D. Peric, N. Petrinic, C.L. Brookes & P.J. James
Distinct element analysis of stone arches
G. Mirabella Roberti & F. Calvetti
FE modelling of the dynamic response of Kimbolton Butts bridge
A. Bensalem, H. Ali-Ahmed, C.A. Fairfield & A. Sibbald
Numerical simulation of experiments in arch bridges
P. Roca, C. Molins, T.G. Hughes & C. Sicilia
Interactive assessment of masonry arch bridges
A. Kumar
Load capacity of multi-arch masonry bridges
C. Molins & P. Roca
Safety evaluation and retrofitting of an arch r.c. bridge
C. Modena & D. Sonda
An approach to the structural model for masonry arch bridges: Pont Saint Martin as a case study
G. Frunzio & M. Monaco

Non-destructive testing
Tomography for NDT applied to masonry structures: Sonic and/ or EM methods
S. Valle, L. Zanzi, L. Binda,A. Saisi & G.Lenzi
Radar testing of masonry arch bridges with soil backfill
C. Colla, D.M. McCann & M.C. Forde
The behaviour of open spandrel brickwork arch bridges
C. Melbourne & H. Tao
NDT as a tool for detection of gradual safety factor deterioration in loaded arches
A. Bensalem, H. Ali-Ahmed, C.A. Fairfield & A. Sibbald

Dynamics and experimental testing
Effects of vehicle impact loading on masonry arch parapets
B. Hobbs, M. Gilbert & T. Molyneaux
The collapse behaviour of a multi-span skewed brickwork arch bridge
C. Melbourne
Dynamic testing of masonry arch bridges
J.W. Bintrim, J.A. Laman & T.K. Boothby
Restoration of a two arches masonry bridge: Experimental testing and mechanical behaviour
A. Salvatori

Special problems and new design
Some notes on system behaviour in arch bridges
W.J. Harvey, F.W. Smith & R. Barthel
The influence of soil and masonry type on the strength of masonry arch bridgesT.G. Hughes, M.C.R. Davies & P.R. Taunton
Mass concrete arches
C. Melbourne & S. K. Njumbe

Conservation and maintenance
A Roman viaduct-bridge in Campania: History, structure and maintenance
A. Baratta & T. Colletta
Construction conception and structural conservation of masonry arch bridges
M. Bellomo & S. D'Agostino
Damages of existing stone bridges in Greece
M. Karaveziroglou-Weber, E. Karayianni & E. Stavrakakis
The Venice-Mestre masonry road bridge: Checking durability of maintenance operations
G. Riva & F. Russo
Stone bridges and historic American landscapes
C.J. Rusnak & T.E. Boothby

Repair and strengthening
Widening and strengthening of London's Kingston Bridge
T.N. Healey & J.H.W. Counsell
Set up of restoration methodologies for cast iron bridges in Venice
F. Bonollo, C. Modena, A. Tiziani & M.R. Valluzzi
Repair and strengthening of five full scale masonry arch bridges
S. K. Sumon
Strengthening masonry arch bridges through backfill replacement by concrete
G. Fauchoux & C. Abdunur
Repair of the old stone bridge of Krania in Greece
M. Karaveziroglou-Weber, E. Stavrakakis, E. Belissari, M. Eftaxia & C. Panousi

Thermal effects on a masonry arch bridge investigated using ABAQUS
J.I. Robinson, D.J. Prentice & D. Ponniah

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