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Loot The Plundered Heritage

Loot: The Plundered Heritage

1st Edition

By Arlen F Chase, Diane Z Chase
February 28, 2013

This brief, jolting film shows the hidden cost to the heritage of Latin American peoples caused by the trade in Precolumbian art by western museums and collectors. Archaeologists Arlen and Diane Chase show how the damage to archaeological sites done by looting belies claims that collecting ancient ...

Woman the Toolmaker Hideworking and Stone Tool Use in Konso, Ethiopia

Woman the Toolmaker: Hideworking and Stone Tool Use in Konso, Ethiopia

1st Edition

By Steven Brandt, Kathryn Weedman, Justin Shipley
September 15, 2006

Woman the Toolmaker portrays the remarkable lives of a group of Konso hide workers from southern Ethiopia who may be the last people in the world to make and use flaked stone tools on a regular basis. Unlike the “Man the Toolmaker” stereotype, virtually all of the Konso hide workers are women who ...

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