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Archaeological Orientations

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An interdisciplinary series that engages our on-going, yet ever-changing, fascination with the archaeological, Archaeological Orientations investigates the myriad ways material pasts are entangled with communities, animals, ecologies and technologies, past, present or future. From urgent contemporary concerns, including politics, violence, sustainability, ecology, and technology, to long-standing topics of interest, including time, space, materiality, memory and agency, Archaeological Orientations promotes bold thinking and the taking of risks in pressing trans-disciplinary matters of concern.

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Heritage Ecologies

Heritage Ecologies

1st Edition

Edited By Torgeir Rinke Bangstad, Þóra Pétursdóttir
August 24, 2021

Heritage Ecologies presents an ecological understanding of heritage that furthers a concern for how its making and unmaking always involves a wide range of human and other-than-human actors. Recognizing the entangled nature-cultures of heritage is essential in the Anthropocene era, ...

Interrogating Human Origins Decolonisation and the Deep Human Past

Interrogating Human Origins: Decolonisation and the Deep Human Past

1st Edition

Edited By Martin Porr, Jacqueline Matthews
December 13, 2019

Interrogating Human Origins encourages new critical engagements with the study of human origins, broadening the range of approaches to bring in postcolonial theories, and begin to explore the decolonisation of this complex topic. The collection of chapters presented in this volume creates spaces ...

Multispecies Archaeology

Multispecies Archaeology

1st Edition

Edited By Suzanne Pilaar Birch
February 22, 2018

Multispecies Archaeology explores the issue of ecological and cultural novelty in the archaeological record from a multispecies perspective. Human exceptionalism and our place in nature have long been topics of academic consideration and archaeology has been synonymous with an axclusively human ...

Reclaiming Archaeology Beyond the Tropes of Modernity

Reclaiming Archaeology: Beyond the Tropes of Modernity

1st Edition

Edited By Alfredo González-Ruibal
November 10, 2016

Archaeology has been an important source of metaphors for some of the key intellectuals of the 20th century: Sigmund Freud, Walter Benjamin, Alois Riegl and Michel Foucault, amongst many others. However, this power has also turned against archaeology, because the discipline has been dealt with ...

Elements of Architecture Assembling archaeology, atmosphere and the performance of building spaces

Elements of Architecture: Assembling archaeology, atmosphere and the performance of building spaces

1st Edition

Edited By Mikkel Bille, Tim Flohr Sorensen
March 30, 2016

Elements of Architecture explores new ways of engaging architecture in archaeology. It conceives of architecture both as the physical evidence of past societies and as existing beyond the physical environment, considering how people in the past have not just dwelled in buildings but have existed ...

Ruin Memories Materialities, Aesthetics and the Archaeology of the Recent Past

Ruin Memories: Materialities, Aesthetics and the Archaeology of the Recent Past

1st Edition

Edited By Bjørnar Olsen, Þóra Pétursdóttir
May 29, 2014

Since the nineteenth century, mass-production, consumerism and cycles of material replacement have accelerated; increasingly larger amounts of things are increasingly victimized rapidly and made redundant. At the same time, processes of destruction have immensely intensified, although largely ...

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