1st Edition

Architectural Conservation in Asia National Experiences and Practice

By John H. Stubbs, Robert G. Thomson Copyright 2017
    616 Pages
    by Routledge

    616 Pages
    by Routledge

    At a time when organized heritage protection in Asia is developing at a rapid pace, Architectural Conservation in Asia provides the first comprehensive overview of architectural conservation practice from Afghanistan to the Philippines. The country-by-country analysis adopted by the book draws out local insights, experiences, best practice and solutions for effective cultural heritage management that will inform study and practice both in Asia and beyond.

    Whereas architectural conservation in much of the Western world has been extensively documented, this book brings together coverage of many regions where architectural conservation has been understudied. Following on from the highly influential companion volumes on global architectural conservation and architectural conservation in Europe and the Americas, with this book the authors extend their pioneering global examination to the dynamic and evolving field of architectural conservation in Asia.

    Throughout the book, the authors and regional experts provide local case studies and profile topics that bring depth and insight to this ambitious study. As architectural conservation becomes increasingly global in practice, this book will be of considerable assistance to architectural conservation practitioners, site managers and students of architecture, planning, archaeology and heritage studies worldwide.

    Foreword A.G. Krishna Menon  Preface  General Introduction  Part 1: East Asia  Introduction  1. Japan  2. The People’s Republic of China  3. Taiwan  4. South and North Korea  5. Mongolia  Conclusion  Part 2: Southeast Asia  Introduction  6. Myanmar (Burma)  7. Laos  8. Cambodia  9. Thailand  10. Vietnam  Conclusion  Part 3: Southeast Asian Island Countries  Introduction  11. Singapore  12. Malaysia  13. Brunei  14. Indonesia  15. The Philippines  Conclusion  Part 4: South Asia  Introduction  16. India  17. Sri Lanka and Maldives  18. Pakistan  19. Bangladesh  20. Bhutan  21. Nepal  Conclusion  Part 5: Central Asia  Introduction  22. Afghanistan  23. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan & Uzbekistan  Conclusion  Looking Ahead  Glossary  General and Additional Readings  Index


    John H. Stubbs is Christovich Senior Professor of Architectural Preservation Practice and Director of the Master of Preservation Studies program in the School of Architecture, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Formerly Vice President for Field Projects for the World Monuments Fund, he is an international architectural conservation consultant.

    Robert G. Thomson is trained as a historical archaeologist and preservation planner. He is currently the Federal Preservation Officer for the Presidio Trust, San Francisco, California, USA.

    ‘Architectural Conservation in Asia is remarkable in that it is the first book of its kind that provides a systematic and comprehensive overview of architectural conservation not only across geographical and political boundaries, but also across traditional and contemporary built heritage in Asia. In this regard, it is an invaluable reference for students and enthusiasts of architectural conservation, and it provides the necessary foundation for deeper understanding of the topic.' - Ho-Yin Lee, Head of Division of Architectural Conservation Programmes, The University of Hong Kong

    'The built heritage of Asia is among the oldest, most widespread, and most diverse in the world. But it is also the most endangered. Wars, rapid urbanization, explosive population growth, antiquities thieves, climate change and other challenges are putting at great risk this heritage which belongs not just to Asia, but to humankind. This new book by Stubbs and Thomson is both timely and critical to generate an international demand for the protection of these irreplaceable assets.' - Donovan Rypkema, President, Heritage Strategies International

    'This latest contribution on the histories and current challenges of built heritage conservation by John Stubbs, this time partnering with Robert Thomson, is an important contribution to correcting the overemphasis on Europe, which has shaped how we understand conservation and world history in the modern era. A highly ambitious book, Architectural Conservation in Asia provides a unique overview of how the conservation of built heritage has evolved across the region, tackling debates about the materialities of uncomfortable histories, or how ‘Asian approaches’ to conservation intersect with 19th century colonial practices. I am particularly heartened to see chapters on Central Asia, a long overlooked, yet historically significant, region. This is essential reading for anyone interested in both the global and Asian history of conservation.' - Tim Winter, Research Chair in Cultural Heritage, Deakin University, Melbourne

    'A remarkable achievement. A magnificent guided tour through Asia’s architectural conservation. Following the success of Time Honored: A Global View of Architectural Conservation and Architectural Conservation in Europe and the Americas, this book continues to offer readers an exceptionally wide and valuable perspective, as well as insights into the diverse practices of architectural conservation in Asia. It has achieved this challenging task with confidence and aptitude. This is a go-to book for anyone who wishes to have an overview of Asia’s architectural conservation history.’ - Yeo Kang Shua, Singapore University of Technology and Design

    'John Stubbs and Robert G. Thompson have done an excellent job summarizing the current state of architectural conservation practice in Asia. Spanning the whole of the Asian landmass and covering twenty-three countries, Architectural Conservation in Asia addresses both past and present practice; the principal issues and concerns; and the current governmental apparatus throughout the region. The authors also include shorter essays, many commissioned by leading figures in the field of conservation, to provide insights on specific details of contemporary practice...The book is extensively illustrated and well supplied with maps providing even uninformed readers with a strong understanding of the range of sites and conservation practices throughout Asia. The third volume in Stubbs’s comprehensive story of conservation practice throughout the world, this last offering is essential reading for anyone interested in heritage and conservation and especially those involved in practice in Asia.' - William Chapman, Professor and Interim Dean, School of Architecture, University of Hawaii at Manoa, New York, USA

    ‘[This book] is the first comprehensive overview of architectural conservation practice in Asia.…[I]t covers Asia country by country from Afghanistan to Japan, illustrating the rich diversity of the continent in terms both of the heritage and the approaches taken to protecting it.…Stubbs and Thomson see the heritage profession evolving from its earlier focus on the questions "how to conserve?" and "what to conserve?" to take in the more complex issues of "for whom?" and "why?".’ - William Logan, Professor Emeritus, Deakin University