1st Edition

Architecture and Revolution Contemporary Perspectives on Central and Eastern Europe

Edited By Neil Leach Copyright 1999
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    Architecture and Revolution explores the consequences of the 1989 revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe from an architectural perspective. It presents new writings from a team of renowned architects, philosophers and cultural theorists from both the East and the West. They explore the questions over the built environment that now face architects, planners and politicians in the region. They examine the problems of buildings inherited from the communist era: some are environmentally inadequate, many were designed to serve a now redundant social programme and others carry the stigma of association with previous regimes. Contributors include: Daniel Libeskind, Bernard Tschumi, Laura Mulvey, Helene Cixous, Andrew Benjamin and Frederic Jameson.

    bPart I. Historical Perspectives. 1. Sources of a Radical Mission in the Early Soviet Profession: Alexei Gan and the Moscow Anarchists. 2. The Vesnin's Palace of Labour: the Role of Practice in Materialising the Revolutionary. 3. Notes for a Manifesto. A Postmodern Critic's Kit for Interpreting Socialist. Part II. Architecture and Change. 5. History Lessons - Policing the Body: Descartes and the Architecture of Change. 7. The State as a Work of Art: the Trauma of Ceausescu's Disneyland - 8. Architecture or Revolution? Part III. Strategies for a New Europe. 9. Traces of the Unborn. Resisting the Erasure of History: Daniel Libeskind Interviewed by Anne Wagner. 11. The Humanity of Architecture. 12. Disjunctions. 13. The Dark Side of the Domus: The Redomestication of Central and Eastern Europe. 14. Architecture in a Post-Totalitarian Society: Round-Table Discussion Conducted by Bart Goldhoorn. Part IV. The Romanian Question. 15. Totalitarian city: Bucharest 1980-9, Semio-Clinical Files. 16. The People's House, or the Voluptuous Violence of an Architectural Paradox.17. Utopia 1988, Romania; Post-Utopia 1995, Romania. 18. Rediscovering Romania. Part V. Tombs and Monuments. 19. Berlin 1961-89: The Bridal Chamber. Reflections on Disgraced Monuments. 21. Attacks on the Castle. Index.


    Leach, Neil