1st Edition

Architecture and Silence

By Christos P. Kakalis Copyright 2020
    202 Pages
    by Routledge

    202 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book explores the role of silence in how we design, present and experi-ence architecture. Grounded in phenomenological theory, the book builds on historical, theoretical and practical approaches to examine silence as a methodological tool of architectural research and unravel the experiential qualities of the design process.

    Distinct from an entirely soundless experience, silence is proposed as a material condition organically incorporated into the built and natural landscape. Kakalis argues that, either human or atmospheric, silence is a condition of waiting for a sound to be born or a new spatio-temporal event to emerge. In silence, therefore, we are attentive and attuned to the atmos-phere of a place. The book unpacks a series of stories of silence in religious topographies, urban landscapes, film and theatre productions and architec-tural education with contributed chapters and interviews with Jeff Malpas and Alberto Pérez-Gómez.

    Aimed at postgraduate students, scholars and researchers in architectural theory, it shows how performative and atmospheric qualities of silence can build a new understanding of architectural experience.

    Part I Performativity

    1. Hesychasm, Silence and the Stillness of Mount Athos

      Interruption I: Scoring Silence-Scapes

    2. Walking in Silence / Urban Encounters

      co-authored with Stella Mygdali

    3. Hot Air Balloon Movements to Stillness: Uplifting Atmospherics and the Architecture of Flight

    4. Narrating the Spatiality of Silence: Drawing from the Silence of Samuel Beckett and Andrei Tarkovsky

    5. Silence in Place: An Interview with Jeff Malpas

    Part II Communication

    6. Silence, Music and Architectural Design: Stillness and Transparency in the work of Arvo Pärt and John Cage

      Interruption II: Silence, Liminality and Monastic Space

    7. Silence in Architectural Education

    co-authored with Olga Ioannou

    Interruption III: Silence, Emptiness and Architectural Design co-authored with Iván J. Márquez Muñoz

    8. Notating Silences and Absences

      co-authored with Rachel Armstrong, Rolf Hughes and Simone Feraccina

    9. Keeping Silent to Listen: An Interview with Alberto Pѐrez-Gόmez


    Christos P. Kakalis is a Lecturer in Architecture at Newcastle University, UK.