1st Edition

Architectures for Intelligence The 22nd Carnegie Mellon Symposium on Cognition

Edited By Kurt Van Lehn, Kurt Van Lehn Copyright 1991
    448 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    450 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    This unique volume focuses on computing systems that exhibit intelligent behavior. As such, it discusses research aimed at building a computer that has the same cognitive architecture as the mind -- permitting evaluations of it as a model of the mind -- and allowing for comparisons between computer performance and experimental data on human performance. It also examines architectures that permit large, complex computations to be performed -- and questions whether the computer so structured can handle these difficult tasks intelligently.

    Contents: Preface. Part I: Cognitive Psychology. J.R. Anderson, The Place of Cognitive Architectures in a Rational Analysis. H.A. Simon, Cognitive Architectures and Rational Analysis: Comment. J.L. McClelland, E. Jenkins, Nature, Nurture and Connections: Implications of Connectionist Models for Cognitive Development. P.S. Rosenbloom, A. Newell, J.E. Laird, Towards the Knowledge Level in Soar: The Role of the Architecture in the Use of Knowledge. W. Schneider, W.L. Oliver, An Instructable Connectionist/Control Architecture: Using Rule-Based Instructions to Accomplish Connectionist Learning in a Human Time Scale. K. VanLehn, W. Ball, Goal Reconstruction: How Teton Blends Situated Action and Planned Action. Z.N. Pylyshyn, The Role of Cognitive Architectures in Theories of Cognition. Part II: Artificial Intelligence. R.A. Brooks, How to Build Complete Creatures Rather than Isolated Cognitive Simulators. J.G. Carbonell, C.A. Knoblock, S. Minton, Prodigy: An Integrated Architecture for Planning and Learning. M.R. Genesereth, A Comparative Analysis of Some Simple Architectures for Autonomous Agents. B. Hayes-Roth, Making Intelligent Systems Adaptive. T.M. Mitchell, J. Allen, P. Chalasani, J. Cheng, O. Etzioni, M. Ringuette, J.C. Schlimmer, Theo: A Framework for Self-Improving Systems. W.J. Clancey, The Frame of Reference Problem in the Design of Intelligent Machines.


    Kurt Van Lehn, Kurt Van Lehn