1st Edition

Archiving Cultures Heritage, community and the making of records and memory

By Jeannette A. Bastian Copyright 2023

    Archiving Cultures defines and models the concept of cultural archives, focusing on how diverse communities express and record their heritage and collective memory and why and how these often-intangible expressions are archival records. Analysis of oral traditions, memory texts and performance arts demonstrate their relevance as records of their communities.

    Key features of this book include definitions of cultural heritage and archival heritage with an emphasis on intangible cultural heritage. Aspects of cultural heritage such as oral traditions, performance arts, memory texts and collective memory are placed within the context of records and archives. It presents strategies for reconciling intangible and tangible cultural expressions with traditional archival theory and practice and offers both analog and digital models for constructing cultural archives through examples and vignettes.

    The audience includes archivists and other information workers who challenge Western archival theory and scholars concerned with interdisciplinary perspectives on tangible and intangible cultural heritage. This book is relevant to scholars involved with non-textual materials and will appeal to a range of academic disciplines engaging with "the archive".

    Acknowledgments; Introduction: A Cultural Archives; 1. Cultural Heritage, Archival Heritage; 2. The Anatomy of an Archival Record; 3. Oral Traditions and Memory Texts; 4. Carnival in the Archives: Performance as Record; 5. Memory, Community and Records; 6. In the Cultural Archives; Index


    Jeannette A. Bastian is a Professor Emerita at the School of Library and Information Science, Simmons University. A former Territorial Librarian of the United States Virgin Islands, she holds an MPhil from the University of the West Indies and a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh.