1st Edition

Arenas of Power Reflections on Politics and Policy

    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    Arenas of Power represents the first time that Theodore J. Lowi's model of policy analysis has been presented together with key applications and case studies drawn from his long history of scholarship-all in one place. Lowi's signature four-fold typology is shown as conceived and then as extended to include that most relevant of contemporary phenomena-"social regulatory policy." As Lowi says, when radicals add morality to the goals of public policy, the system may be turned on its head. This volume shows the evolution of the public policy arena over more than forty years of writing and thinking and presents some never before published material including helpful analytical introductions. The book concludes as Lowi looks ahead to an internationalizing U.S. political economy and the need for a global political science.

    Introduction: The Biography of Arenas of Power PART I: Arenas of Power: The Model Introduction Chapter 1: The Development of Arenas of Power Chapter 2: American Business, Public Policy, Case-Studies, and Political Theory PART II: Public Policy, History, and a Theory of Political Development Introduction Chapter 3: The Structure of American Government and Politics: Federalism as Arenas of Politics Chapter 4: Parallels of Policy and Politics: The Political Theory in American History Chapter 5: Four Systems of Policy, Politics, and Choice Chapter 6: Europeanization of America? From United States to United State PART III: Bureaucracy and Arenas of Power Introduction Chapter 7: The State in Politics: The Relation Between Policy and Administration Chapter 8: Formal Analysis of the Areas of Governmental Activity: The Case of Agriculture PART IV: Economic Sectors and Collective Goods Introduction Chapter 9: Interests and Policy Chapter 10: Introduction: Interests, Policies, and Power Chapter 11: The Origin and First Consequences of Pluralistic Government: Agriculture, Commerce, Labor PART V: Outside the Box, Outside the Mainstream: The Politics of Movements, Radicalism, and Morality in Comparative Perspective Introduction Chapter 12: Prospects of Conquest: With Liberty and Justice for Some Chapter 13: New Dimensions in Policy and Politics Chapter 14: Our Millennium: Political Science Confronts the Global Corporate Economy Conclusions, Reflections, Proposals: Toward a Global Political Science Notes Key Publications by Theodore J. Lowi


    Theodore J. Lowi, Norman K. Nicholson

    "A sophisticated contribution to policy analysis and comparative politics. Norman K. Nicholson's brief introductory chapters provide a succinct analysis of each section's contribution to the 'arenas of power' model and to the limits of the model's explanatory leverage. Perhaps the most intriguing part of the book lies in its recasting of American political history by examining the critical impact of policy types and eras on the development of political processes, political structures, and political 'issues.'"
    —The Review of Politics

    “A dense and sophisticated contribution to policy analysis and comparative politics. … Arenas of Power provides a detailed and accessible analysis of policy types and lays the groundwork for broader comparative work.”
    —The Journal of the Review of Politics