3rd Edition

Arguing About Art Contemporary Philosophical Debates

Edited By Alex Neill, Aaron Ridley Copyright 2008
    504 Pages
    by Routledge

    504 Pages
    by Routledge

    Offering a unique 'debate' format, the third edition of the bestselling Arguing About Art is ideal for newcomers to aesthetics or philosophy of art.

    This lively collection presents an extensive range of short, clear introductions to each of the discussions which include:

    • sentimentality
    • appreciation
    • interpretation
    • understanding
    • objectivity
    • nature
    • food
    • horror.

    With revised introductions, updated suggestions for further reading and new sections on pornography and societies without art, Arguing About Art provides a stimulating and accessible anthology suitable for those coming to aesthetics for the first time. The book will also appeal to students of art history, literature, and cultural studies.

    E. Telfer: “Food as Art”
    C. Korsmeyer: “The Meaning of Taste etc.”
    S. Davies:  “Authenticity in musical performance”
    J. Young: “The concept of authentic performance”
    A. Lessing:  “What is wrong with a forgery?”
    D. Dutton:  “Artistic crimes”
    R Scruton: “The Decline of Musical Culture”
    T. Gracyk: “Music’s Worldly Uses etc.”
    A. Carlson: “Appreciation and the natural environment”
    N. Carroll: “On being moved by nature”
    M. Budd:  “The aesthetic appreciation of nature”
    R. Scruton: “Photography and Representation”
    W. King: “Scruton and reasons for looking at photographs”
    N. Warburton: “Individual Style in Photographic Art”
    Dominic Lopes: “The Aesthetics of Photographic Transparency”
    C. Radford: “How can we be moved by the fate of Anna Karenina?”
    A. Neill:  “Fiction and the emotions”
    N. Carroll: “Why Horror?”
    B.Gaut, “The Paradox of Horror”
    A. Savile: “Sentimentality”
    I. Newman: “The alleged unwholesomeness of sentimentality”
    D. Pugmire: “Sentimentality”
    Jerrold Levinson: “What is Erotic Art?”
    Mathew Kieran: “Pornographic Art”
    Jerrold Levinson: “Erotic Art and Pornographic Pictures”
    M. Devereaux: “Oppressive texts, resisting readers and the gendered spectator: the new aesthetics”
    C. Brown:  “Art, Oppression and the Autonomy of Aesthetics”
    Transcript of a hearing…
    H. Hein: “What is Public Art? etc.”
    G. Horowitz: “Public Art/Public Space etc.”
    M. Kelly: “Public Art Controversy”


    Alex Neill is a Senior Lecturer and Aaron Ridley is a Professor, both at the University of Southampton, UK.

    'A most valuable supplement to any philosophical aesthetics course, one that would enliven and freshen it up, partly by deftly engaging students.' The Times Higher Education Supplement

    'My first choice for a core text in an undergraduate course would be Neill and Ridley. On every topic their lively collection stimulates thought.' The European Journal of Philosophy