2nd Edition

Argumentation Keeping Faith with Reason

By John P. Nordin, Edward Schiappa Copyright 2024
    378 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    378 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This extensively updated second edition provides a comprehensive introduction to argumentation skills for undergraduates.

    Clearly written, with minimal technical jargon, the book features many contemporary real-world examples. Through a unique conceptual framework, students will learn how to assemble a coherent logical argument, assess sources, and organize and present written and verbal arguments. The authors use the Toulmin model throughout to present issues and clarify concepts and have expanded the model to show how it can be used to examine real-world arguments. This new edition provides a deeper focus on value claims and credibility. It also shows students how to assess fake news, misinformation, and post-truth and incorporates more social scientific theories of persuasion such as the Elaboration Likelihood Model.

    Argumentation: Keeping Faith with Reason is an ideal textbook for undergraduate courses in argumentation, persuasion, critical thinking, and informal logic.

    An Instructor’s Manual including advice on how to teach each section, sample quizzes, and additional examples is available at https://routledge.com/9781032541228.

    Part 1: Getting started                                                                                    

    Chapter 1: Why study argument?                                                                              

    Chapter 2: What is an Argument?                                                                              

    Chapter 3: Dimensions of Proof                                                                                             

    Chapter 4: Modeling Arguments (Toulmin model)                                                   

    Part 2: Analyzing claims                                                                               

    Chapter 5: Introduction to claim types                                                                                  

    Chapter 6: Analyzing Fact Claims                                                                             

    Chapter 7: Analyzing Value Claims                                                                                      

    Chapter 8: Analyzing Policy Claims                                                             

    Part 3: Developing Your Argument                                                              

    Chapter 9: Kairos: The Context of Your Argument                                                   

    Chapter 10: Ethos: Developing Your Credibility                                                      

    Chapter 11: Presenting Your Argument                                                                    

    Part 4: Supporting and defending your argument                             

    Chapter 12: Finding Evidence                                                                                   

    Chapter 13: Evidence and your argument                                                     

    Chapter 14: Rebutting Arguments                                                                

    Part 5: Forms of reasoning                                                                

    Chapter 15: Introduction to forms of reasoning                                                                     

    Chapter 16: Definitional Arguments                                                             

    Chapter 17: Argument by Example                                                  

    Chapter 18: Argument by Analogy and Parallel Case                                   

    Chapter 19: Causal Argument                                                           

    Chapter 20: Argument from Sign                                                                   

    Chapter 21: Argument by Dilemma                                                

    Chapter 22: Argument from Authority                                                                      

    Part 6: Conclusion                                                                             

    Chapter 23: Remember this


    John P. Nordin is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Minnesota, USA.

    Edward Schiappa is the John E. Burchard Professor of Humanities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.