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Arid Land Hydrogeology: In Search of a Solution to a Threatened Resource Proceedings of the Third Joint UAE-Japan Symposium on Sustainable GCC Environment and Water Resources (EWR2006), 28 - 30 January 2006, Abu Dhabi, UAE (Volume IV in DARE series)

Edited By A.M.O. Mohamed Copyright 2006
    198 Pages 87 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    There are many urgent problems in arid land hydrogeology and it is these issues which are tackled in this volume on desert environments. The UAE-Japan symposia provide a venue for the exchange of expertise, confronting such problems as purification, usage and management of groundwater, the assessment and protection of sustainable water resources, and soil enhancement techniques for moisture control in arid lands. The hope is that a better understanding of dryland environment, combined with innovative solutions and technologies, will contribute to the greening of desert lands.

    Summary, recommendations and suggestions for actions  Groundwater management
    Groundwater resources: Development & management in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 
    Artificial recharge of groundwater: Field experiment 
    Sustainable use of groundwater in highly populated areas of the coastal belt of Sri Lanka 
    Risk management of polluted water bodies 
    2 Groundwater assessment
    Groundwater monitoring evaluation and optimization in arid regions: Abu Dhabi  Emirate - case study 
    The dipole flow and reactive tracer test: The coalition forces of science, engineering, and technology attack site characterization drawbacks
    A study on the water quality and sub-littoral macrobenthos in the vicinity of Madras
    Atomic Power Station thermal outfall 
    3 Groundwater protection
    Role of clay fraction on water content detection in soil using TDR 
    Ways and techniques to protect the desalination plants from oil pollution 
    4 Sustainable water resources
    Using renewable energy sources for water production in arid regions: GCC countries - case study 
    Sustainable development: Concept evaluation and protocol development for water resources planners 
    Application of models for the sustainable management of water resources in Wadi Ham, UAE 
    5 Soil enhancement
    Tubular solar desalination and improvement of soil moisture retention by date palm 
    Using pre-hydrated polymer to enhance soil moisture condition in arid environment 
    The use of treated oily-water for irrigation: Impacts on soil properties 
    Effects of polyethylene colors and thickness on the efficiency of soil solarization under the environment of the UAE 
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    A.M.O. Mohamed