1st Edition

Armageddon or Evolution?
The Scientific Method and Escalating World Problems

ISBN 9781594516078
Published April 30, 2011 by Routledge
260 Pages

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Book Description

We are currently experiencing a wide range of evolving problems that threaten us with extinction. However, Phillips argues that we have the capacity-with the aid of a broad approach to the scientific method that builds on Mills's concept of "the sociological imagination"-to confront these problems ever more effectively. This book develops and builds upon new methods for addressing such social problems as global warming, terrorism, growing inequalities, and others. Phillips reveals procedures for achieving conscious evolution by uncovering fundamental assumptions and their contradictions and by moving toward alternative assumptions that promise to resolve these contradictions.

Table of Contents

I) Introduction: The Scientific Method, The Aspirations-Fulfillment Gap, Theoretical Framework, Plan of This Book; 1) Part I: Physical and Biological Structures; A) Chapter 1: Flatland Versus Spaceland/Timeland; B) Chapter 2: Invisible Man Versus Visible Man; 2) Part II: Personality Structures; A) Chapter 3: "Heart": Alienation Versus Expressive Orientation; B) Chapter 4: "Head": Stratified or Bureaucratic Versus Evolutionary Worldview; C) Chapter 5: "Hand": Addiction Versus Meaningful and Expressive Rituals; 3) Part IV: Social Structures; A) Chapter 6: "Heart": Anomie Versus Cultural Value Fulfillment; B) Chapter 7: "Head": Bureaucratic Versus Scientific Worldview; C) Chapter 8: "Hand": Stratification Versus Conscious Evolution; 4) Part V: The Situation; A) Chapter 9: "Heart": Negative Reinforcement Versus Positive Reinforcement; B) Chapter 10: "Head": Stereotypical Versus Hypothetical Ideas; C) Chapter 11: "Hand": Conformity Versus Praxis; II) Glossary; III) References; IV) Index.

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