1st Edition

Arms Control and Security: The Changing Role of Conventional Arms Control in Europe The Changing Role of Conventional Arms Control in Europe

By Kevin Wright Copyright 2000

    This title was first published in 2000:  The aim of this text is to explore conventional arms control in Europe. The early chapters provide a primarily historical perspective, looking at the context, foundations, main provisions and institutional structure of the main agreements. The later chapters explore the continuing and likely future roles of the OSCE and NATO in the arms control process. The final chapters examine more contemporary developments by looking at the Adapted CFE Treaty and Vienna Documents agreed at the OSCE Istanbul Summit in November 1998 and the challenges posed to existing arrangements by the changing and emergent security threats that potentially face Europe.

    List of Tables, About the Author, Preface, List of Abbreviations, 1. European Conventional Arms Control: Importance, Conceptions and Definitions, 2. The 1980s: Rapid Progress and the Changing Political Environment, 3. The Institutional Network: Agreements and Procedures, 4. The Organisation for Security and Co-operation: Innovation and Limitation, 5. NATO and Conventional Arms Control: From Closed Alliance to Real Co-operation, 6. Arms Control in the New Century: The Istanbul OSCE Summit, 7. The New Security Environment: How Important is Arms Control in the 'New' Europe?, 8. The Future: Small Steps, Index


    Wright, Kevin