1st Edition

Army and State in Postcommunist Europe

Edited By David Betz, John Lowenhardt Copyright 2001

    This study explores the complex military issues that are raised by the transition to post-communist rule with particular reference to Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and the new members of NATO. All faced similar problems yet their responses, it emerges, were surprisingly diverse.

    Introduction, John Löwenhardt, David Betz, Hew Strachan; Chapter 1 Civil–Military Relations in the New Democracies, Chris Donnelly; Chapter 2 Legal, Political and Budgetary Aspects of Civilian Control of the Military in Russia, Yuri A. Ivanov; Chapter 3 The Russian Armed Forces: Failed Reform Attempts and Creeping Regionalization, Pavel K. Baev; Chapter 4 Marching to a Different Drum? Political Orientations and Nationalism in Russia’s Armed Forces, Sven Gunnar Simonsen; Chapter 5 Civil-Democratic Control of Ukraine’s Armed Forces: To What End? By What Means?, James Sherr; Chapter 6 The Implications of NATO Expansion for Civil–Military Relations in Hungary, Zoltán Szenes; Chapter 7 The Politics and Finance of Civil–Military Reform in the Czech Republic, Tomas Zipfel; Chapter 8 Military Reform and Budgeting for Defence in Bulgaria (1989–2000), Dimitar Dimitrov; Chapter 9 Corruption Among Security Personnel in Central and Eastern Europe, Anton Bebler; Conclusion, David Betz, John Löwenhardt, Hew Strachan;


    David Betz, John Löwenhardt