1st Edition

Arnsparger's Coaching Defensive Football

By Bill Arnsparger Copyright 1998
    422 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Experience the thoughts and strategies of a highly successful former professional athletic coach and college athletic administrator with this excellent new source for defensive football strategies.
    In Arnsparger's Coaching Defensive Football, Bill Arnsparger shares his know-how, personal philosophies, and the essential details that make up a winning team, including:

  • Basic information
  • Run defense
  • Pass coverage, including zone, man, and blitz
  • Short yardage
  • Goal line
  • The substitution package of five, six, and seven defensive backs
  • And much more!
    Special situations are covered as well-two minutes, offensive group formations, last play call, and unbalanced line adjustments. In addition to the technical aspects of the defense strategy, the mental aspects-the attitude, discipline, and motivation behind a winning defense-are presented.
    This is a complete defensive football coaching course packed into a single, hands-on reference. Students and athletes will learn from a master-and fans will find out what's behind the moves.
  • Pre-Game Warm Up
    The Kick-Off
    50 Years of Thoughts
    Basic Information
    Support Assignments
    Destroy Technique
    Backfield Alignments
    Hole Numbering
    Play Numbering
    Pass Numbering
    Over & Under
    Defensive Line Fundamentals
    Pass Rush Games
    Key vs. Run
    Keys vs. Pass
    Blitz Paths
    Zone Coverage
    Zone Blitz
    Man Coverage
    Defensive Backs Fundamentals
    Man/Man Coverage Techniques & Drills
    Individual Pass Defense Technique
    Hold & Jam Technique
    Trail Technique
    Blitz Coverage
    Blitz & Blitz Coverage
    Mary Susan-My Daughter and Her Thoughts!
    Media Relations
    What it Takes to be No. 1-by Vince Lombardi
    Short Yardage & Goal Line
    Fronts & Coverage
    Substituted Pass Coverage & Blitz
    Personnel Numbering
    Pass Coverage
    Bunch Adjustments
    Pass Only Blitz & Coverage
    Special Situations
    Two Minutes
    Last Play Call
    Group Formation Adjustments
    Unbalanced Line Adjustments
    Discipline/Motivation-Step-by-Step Teaching
    Teaching-A Part of Motivation
    Practice Schedule
    Video Evaluation
    The Eyes: Lead the Body!
    Developing a Game Plan
    The Signal Caller
    Stealing Signals
    Sudden Death
    Coaching-My Career and Thoughts!
    Growing Up!
    University of Kentucky (1944)
    U.S. Marine Corps
    Miami University (1947-1950)
    Ohio State University (1951-1953)
    University of Kentucky (1954-1961)
    Tulane University (1962-1963)
    Baltimore Colts (1964-1969)
    Miami Dolphins (1970-1973)
    New York Giants (1974-1976)
    Miami Dolphins (1976-1983)
    LSU (1984-1986)
    University of Florida (1987-1991)
    San Diego Chargers (1992-1994)


    Bill Arnsparger