1st Edition

Around the Patient Bed Human Factors and Safety in Health Care

Edited By Yoel Donchin, Daniel Gopher Copyright 2014
    349 Pages 69 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The occurrence of failures and mistakes in health care, from primary care procedures to the complexities of the operating room, has become a hot-button issue with the general public and within the medical community. Around the Patient Bed: Human Factors and Safety in Health Care examines the problem and investigates the tools to improve health care quality and safety from a human factors engineering viewpoint—the applied scientific field engaged in the interaction between the human operator (functionary, worker), task requirements, the governing technical systems, and the characteristics of the work environment.

    The book presents a systematic human factors-based, proactive approach to the improvement of health care work and patient safety. The proposed approach delineates a more direct and powerful alternative to the contemporary dominant focus on error investigation and care providers' accountability. It demonstrates how significant improvements in the quality of care and enhancement of patient safety are contingent on a major shift from efforts and investments driven by a retroactive study of errors, incidents, and adverse events, to an emphasis on proactive human factors-driven intervention and the development of corresponding conceptual approaches and methods for its systematic implementation.

    Edited by Yoel Donchin, representing the medical profession, and Daniel Gopher, from the human factors engineering field, the book brings together experts who have collaborated to present studies that reveal a wide range of problems and weaknesses of the contemporary health care system, which impair safety and quality and increase workload. The book presents practical solutions based on human factors engineering components and cognitive psychology, and explains their driving principles and methodologies. This approach provides tools to significantly reduce the number of errors, creates a safe environment, and improves the quality of health care.

    Human Factors and Safety in Health Care, Daniel Gopher
    A History of Medical Errors, Yoel Donchin
    Types and Causes of Medical Errors in Intensive Care, Daniel Gopher and Yoel Donchin
    The Operating Room and Operating Process—Observations, Yael Einav and Daniel Gopher
    Mental Models as a Driving Concept for the Analysis of Team Performance in the Emergency Medicine Department, David Sinreich and Shay Ben-Barak
    Magnesium Sulphate Dosage—Analysis of Problems Involved in the Medication Administration Process, Efrat Kedmi-Shahar and Yael Einav
    Human Engineering and Safety Aspects in Neonatal Care Units: Analysis and Appraisal, Yael Auerbach-Shafek, Efrat Kedmi-Shahar, and Sivan Kramer
    Applying the Principles of Human–Computer Interaction to Improve the Efficiency of the Emergency Medicine Unit, Nirit Gavish
    The Implementation of Human Factors Design in Planning a Hospital Medication Room, Zvi Straucher and Orna Mart
    The User-Centered Design of a Radiotherapy Chart, Roni Sela and Yael Auerbach-Shapak
    Examining the Effectiveness of Using Designed Stickers for Labeling Drugs and Medical Tubing, Dorit Sheffi, Yoel Donchin, Nurit Porat, and Yuval Bitan
    The Emperor’s New Clothes—Design of Garments for the Operating Room Staff, Anna Becker
    Thinking Patterns of Physicians and Nurses and the Communication between Them in the Intensive Care Unit, Yehuda Bedichi
    The Operating Room Briefing, Yael Einav, Yoel Donchin, Daniel Gopher, and Colleagues
    Analysis of the Rate of Interruptions during Physician’s Rounds, Yoel Donchin and Myrav Fogel
    How Does Risk Management Differ from Accident Prevention? Yoel Donchin
    Reconstruction to Investigate the Sources of an Event in a Medical System, Yoel Donchin
    Development of a Human Factor Focused Reporting System for Hospital Medical Staff on Daily Difficulties and Problems in Carrying Out Their Work, Ido Morag and Daniel Gopher
    Patient Safety Climate Development of a Valid Scale to Predict Safety Levels in Hospital Departments, Yael Livneh and Dov Zohar
    Beyond Fatigue Managerial Factors Related to Resident Physicians’ Medical Errors, Zvi Stern, Eitan Naveh, Tal Katz-Navon
    Gentle Rule Enforcement, Ido Erev and Dotan Rodensky
    Human Engineering and Safety in Health Care Systems—What Have We Learned? Daniel Gopher
    Summary: The Physician’s Point of View, Yoel Donchin


    Yoel Donchin, Daniel Gopher