1st Edition

Art as Social Practice Technologies for Change

Edited By xtine burrough, Judy Walgren Copyright 2022
    370 Pages 69 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    370 Pages 69 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    With a focus on socially engaged art practices in the twenty-first century, this book explores how artists use their creative practices to raise consciousness, form communities, create change, and bring forth social impact through new technologies and digital practices.

    Suzanne Lacy’s Foreword and section introduction authors Anne Balsamo, Harrell Fletcher, Natalie Loveless, Karen Moss, and Stephanie Rothenberg present twenty-five in-depth case studies by established and emerging contemporary artists including Kim Abeles, Christopher Blay, Joseph DeLappe, Mary Beth Heffernan, Chris Johnson, Rebekah Modrak, Praba Pilar, Tabita Rezaire, Sylvain Souklaye, and collaborators Victoria Vesna and Siddharth Ramakrishnan. Artists offer firsthand insight into how they activate methods used in socially engaged art projects from the twentieth century and incorporated new technologies to create twenty-first century, socially engaged, digital art practices. Works highlighted in this book span collaborative image-making, immersive experiences, telematic art, time machines, artificial intelligence, and physical computing. These reflective case studies reveal how the artists collaborate with participants and communities, and have found ways to expand, transform, reimagine, and create new platforms for meaningful exchange in both physical and virtual spaces.

    An invaluable resource for students and scholars of art, technology, and new media, as well as artists interested in exploring these intersections.

    Foreword: The Medium is Not the (Only) Message…

    Suzanne Lacy


    A conversation between xtine Burrough and Judy Walgren

    Section I: Seeds & Tools

    Introduction by Natalie Loveless

    1. Modest in Nature, We are All Lichen and other Lessons Learned with Carbon Sponge Brooke Singer

    2. Pandemic Makeover: Reimagining Place & Community in a Time of Collapse

    Beverly Naidus

    3. Bio-Digital Pathways: Mushrooming Knowledge, Expanding Community

    Lucy HG Solomon and Cesar Baio (Cesar & Lois)

    4. Valises for Camp Ground: Arts, Corrections and Fire Management in the Santa Monica Mountains

    Kim Abeles

    5. Cultivating Techno-Tamaladas

    Praba Pilar

    Section II: Windows & Mirrors

    Introduction by Harrell Fletcher

    6. A Human Atlas: Immersive Storytelling for the Twenty-first Century

    Charissa Terranova in conversation with Human Atlas founder Marcus Lyon

    7. Borderland Collective: In Practice and Dialogue

    A conversation between Jason Reed and Mark Menjivar

    8. We Are Worth Everything: Survivors As Themselves

    Judy Walgren

    9. An Interview with Ari Melenciano

    xtine burrough and Judy Walgren

    10. Making Politics: Engaged Social Tactics

    A conversation between Joseph DeLappe and Laura Leuzzi

    11. Social Practice Artworks

    Chris Johnson


    Decolonial Healing: In Defense of Spiritual Technologies
    Tabita Rezaire

    Section III: Magical Machines

    Introduction by Anne Balsamo

    12. Space and Time: Science Fiction as an Imaginative Catalyst for Social Change Christopher Blay

    13. Witch-Plant-Machine: Speculative Histories and Planetary Justice

    Margaretha Haughwout

    14. Cybernetic Loops and Fermented Technologies of Participatory Poetry: Reflections on the Kimchi Poetry Machine

    Margaret Rhee

    15. Impossible Spaces and Other Embodiments: Co-constructing Virtual Realities

    Dalida María Benfield, Christopher Bratton, Evelyn Eastmond, M Eifler, and Gabriel Pereira

    16. One Breath Poem: A Telematic Revolution

    xtine burrough, Sabrina Starnaman, Letícia Ferreira, Fiona Haborak, and Cynthia O’Neill for LabSynthE

    Section IV: Expansions

    Introduction by Stephanie Rothenberg

    17. Community Building Through Collaboration

    Sarah Ruth Alexander

    18. Online Intimacies and Artful Life in Turtle Disco Zoomshells

    Petra Kuppers

    19. Community Accessible Archives; What You Leave, When You Leave

    Gemma-Rose Turnbull

    20. living liveness

    Sylvain Souklaye

    21. Being in Between: Challenges of Art Science Collaborations

    Victoria Vesna and Siddharth Ramakrishnan

    Section V: Reimagination

    Introduction by Karen Moss

    22. PPE Portrait Project: Image, Ethics, Health

    Mary Beth Heffernan

    23. Can This Be a Community When You’re Trying To Sell Me A Luxury Watch?

    Rebekah Modrak

    24. Justice and Representation Within the Limits of Contemporary Photography

    Eliza Gregory

    25. Technology of Touch: How Craft Can Lead to Social Change

    Cara Levine


    xtine burrough is Professor and Area Head of Design and Creative Practice in the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication at The University of Texas at Dallas, where she directs LabSynthE. burrough is a hybrid artist who engages participatory audiences at the intersection of media art, remix, and digital poetry. She is the author of Foundations of Digital Art and Design with Adobe Creative Cloud, 2nd Edition, editor of Net Works: Case Studies in Web Art and Design, and co-editor of a series of books about remix studies.

    Judy Walgren is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, and the Associate Director for the Michigan State School of Journalism, where she teaches classes in visual literacy, photography, and immersive media. Before pivoting to academia, Walgren worked with multiple media companies including the Dallas Morning News and the San Francisco Chronicle. Her research interrogates relationships between photography, media archives, and power structures. Her work explores socially engaged practices for visual storytellers.