1st Edition

Art in a Machine Age A Critique of Contemporary Life through the Medium of Architecture

By Maxwell Fry Copyright 1969

    First published in 1969, Art in a Machine Age is based on four lectures given by Maxwell Fry at the Royal Academy in 1968 and offers an alternative approach to technocracy in the solution of major problems, especially those that concern the environment. It talks about various themes like the architecture of instinct; a conscious architect; the emotional basis of architecture; the age we live in; the pre and post war years; and the present times. It is fundamental to this book that art should be recognized as author describes it, that is, as a necessity for, and not a derivative of, life. This is a must read for students of architecture and general readers interested in art and architecture.

    List of Illustrations Introduction 1. When the World was Younger: The Architecture of Instinct 2. Eupalinos: The Conscious Architect 3. The Emotional Basis of Architecture 4. The Age We Live In 5. The Pre-war Years 6. The Post-war Years 7. The Present Index


    Maxwell Fry