1st Edition

Art in the Science Dominated World Science, Logic and Art

By E. L. Feinberg Copyright 1987

    The subject of cybernetics is quickly growing and there now exists a vast amount of information on all aspects of this broad-based set of disciplines. This book concerns the phenomenon of art and the special problems that arise concerning art in our era which is almost unanimously regarded as unique, as the era when science and technology have, as never before, become the influence on human society. The aim of this book is to consider the two ways of perception and cognition of the world, two kinds and trends of man’s spiritual life in their interrelation

    Introduction, Preface and Acknowledgements, What is Art For? The Great Variety of Art Functions, Gnoseological Interlude I, Gnoseological Interlude II, Gnoseological Interlude III, What Then is Art for? Inspiration, Concerning Various Logics and the Logic of Art, The Link with Other Functions of Art, The Link with Other Functions of Art II, The Link with Other Functions of Art III, The Main Conflict of Artistic Work, Logical Criticism, The Artist and the Scientist,