1st Edition

Artful Collaborative Inquiry Making and Writing Creative, Qualitative Research

    296 Pages 70 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    296 Pages 70 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Artful Collaborative Inquiry comprises essays created collectively by a group of scholars and artists, the majority of whom have several decades of experience of working together. The book challenges commonly-held, individualistic beliefs about ownership, authorship and scholarly and artistic ethics and practices.

    The essays exemplify the entangled kinds of scholarly and artistic works that emerge in a post-human world, where humans, other species, environments, things and other matters, all matter and are of equal concern in the conduct of ethical artful scholarship. Situated at the (messy) crossroads where contemporary scholarship and artistic practice converge, the seamless mo(ve)ment and interplay between text and image make up the main body of the work in this book.

    The chapters combine the playful use and merging of time, space and place, researcher and researched, to give a unique exemplar of research and creativity in the rapidly emerging field of collaborative scholarship. It will be of particular interest to creative and qualitative scholars wishing to conduct more artful research, and artists engaging with scholarship.

    Prologue(s);  Part One: Keeping the Inquiry Space Open  Introduction  Chapter 1: Writing on the Ceiling of Room 407  Chapter 2. Making Meaning of Life Changing Events;  Part Two: Inviting Other Scholars into Our Space  Introduction  Chapter 3. Riffing Off Tami: Tami Spry’s Performative Call and Our Collaborative Response  Chapter 4. Meandering and Writing Alongside Doreen Massey;  Part Three: Playing in Other/Outside Spaces  Introduction  Chapter 5. Pockets  Chapter 6. Cozy Crimes and Deadly Deeds;  Part Four: Coming Together and Falling Apart  Introduction  Chapter 7. Remembering Sue  Chapter 8. Epilogue


    Davina Kirkpatrick is Visiting Research Fellow, University of Plymouth, UK.

    Jane Speedy is Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Bristol, UK.

    Jonathan Wyatt is Professor of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Edinburgh, UK.

    Sue Porter was Senior Research Fellow, School for Social Policy, University of Bristol, UK.

    "This book is stunningly radical, crossing new borders, charting new ways of being, a foundational statement, there is no turning back...." -- Norman Denzin, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA

    This magical book is a consummate example of the urgency and gravitas of this recurrent phrase, 'We are all in this together.'"  -- D. Soyini Madison, Professor Emeritus of Performance and Communication Studies, Northwestern University, Chicago, USA

    "These essays are like gleaming crumbs in a dark forest of self-interest and xenophobia, leading us out to the light of belonging and connection. Do yourself a favour and get this book today, or better yet: give it to a loved one." -- Anne Harris, Principal Research Fellow, RMIT University

    "This book invites us to leap with the authors into an endless, artful, becoming through collaborative storytelling, through 'seas of stories flowing into an ocean yet only dipped into.'" -- Bronwyn Davies, Emeritus Professor Western Sydney University, Adjunct Professor University of Melbourne

    "Witnessing this remarkable collaborative becomes a beacon for all of us wishing to create similar spaces. We should all be so lucky! I highly recommend this important book for all artist-scholars interested in artful collaborative forms of inquiry!"  -- Rita L. Irwin, Distinguished University Scholar and Professor, Art Education, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

    "Fizzing with the energies mobilised by collaborative and creative inquiry, this is a book that resuscitates spirits." -- Deirdre Heddon, James Arnott Professor of Drama, University of Glasgow