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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Engineering

About the Series

This new series will target and provide a collection of textbooks and research books on Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied in engineering disciplines. The series of books will provide an understanding of AI using common language and incorporate tools and applications to assistant in the learning process. They will focus on areas such as Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy, Applications of AI in Mechatronics, AI in Automation, AI in Manufacturing, AI and Industry 4.0, Cognitive Aspects of AI, Intelligent Robotics, Smart Robots, COBOTS, Machine Learning, Conscious Computers, Intelligent Machines, to name just a few areas that the series will have books in.

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Nature-Inspired Optimization in Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Nature-Inspired Optimization in Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Systems

1st Edition


Ganesh M. Kakandikar, Dinesh G. Thakur
November 10, 2020

The manufacturing system is going through substantial changes and developments in light of industry 4.0. Newer manufacturing technologies are being developed and applied. There is need to optimize these techniques when applied in different circumstances with respect to materials, tools, product ...

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