1st Edition

Artificial Intelligence Applications in a Pandemic COVID-19

    154 Pages 51 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    COVID-19, a novel coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our society in many ways. Digital healthcare innovations are required more than ever before as we have come across myriad challenges during this pandemic. Scientists and developers are learning and fi nding ways to use artifi cial intelligence applications and natural language processing to comprehend and tackle this disease.

    AI technologies are playing an important role in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts are using all possible tools to study the virus, diagnose individuals, and analyze the public health impacts. This book is a collection of some of the leading efforts related to AI and COVID-19 focused on fi nding how AI can be helpful in monitoring situations from early warnings, swift emergency responses, and critical decision-making. It discusses the use of machine learning and how it may help to reduce the impacts of this pandemic in conjunction with all other research and strategies going on. The book serves as a technical resource of data analytics and AI applications in tracking infectious diseases. It will serve academics, students, data scientists, medical practitioners, and those involved in managing a global pandemic.


    •   Directs the attention to the smart digital healthcare system in this COVID-19 pandemic
    • Simulates novel investigations and how they will be beneficial in understanding the pandemic
    • Analyses the various issues related to computing, AI apps, big data analytic techniques, and predictive scientifi skill gaps
    • Explains some interesting and diverse types of challenges and data-driven healthcare applications

    1. Role of Artificial Intelligence in COVID-19
    2. Lalitha S, Bhavana H T, K N Madhusudhan, Prascheth, Harshitha

    3. Application of 3D printing in COVID-19
    4. M. Anantha Sunil, Sanjana T, Akshata Rai, Apoorva G Kanthi

    5. Role of IoT and AI in Covid-19
    6. Maligi Anantha Sunil, Sanjana T, Akhil S Raj, Abhishek A

    7. Potential contributions of AI against COVID-19
    8. Sreeja Sarasamma, Yashbir Singh

    9. Dynamic Animated Plots for Better COVID Cases Analysis: Line, Bar, Bubble Plots using R Programming
    10. Yagyanath Rimal, Vijay Singh Rathore, Sakuntala Pageni


    11. A Comparative Study of COVID -19 Data Analysis using R Programming (a SIR Model Prediction)
    12. Yagyanath Rimal, Bharatendra Rai, Vijay Singh Rathore, Sakuntala Pageni


    13. Tracking and Analyzing COVID-19 pandemic using Twitter and Topic Modelling
    14. Pradeep Gangwar, Yashbir Singh and Vrijendra Singh


    15. Artificial Neural Network Application to Analyze 3D Image Printing Using Artificial Intelligence in COVID-19
    16. Paryati, Krit Salahddine


    17. The Evolution Of Emerging Market (EM) Sovereign CDSs Spreads During COVID-19
    18. Nadir Oumayma, Daoui Driss


    19. Prediction of COVID-19 data using business intelligence tools

    Sara EL HABBARI, Mhamed-Amine Soumiaa and Mohamed MANSOURI


    Salah-ddine Krit is currently an Associate Professor at the Polydisciplinary Faculty of Ouarzazate, Ibn Zohr University Agadir Morocco. Dr. Krit is currently The Director of Engineering Science and Energies Laboratory and The Chief of Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Management.

    Vrijendra Singh is presently an Associate Professor & Head, at Department of Information Technology, Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad, Deoghat, Jhalwa.

    Dr. Mohamed Elhoseny is an Associate Professor at the University of Sharjah, UAE.

    Yashbir Singh is currently Medical Scientist at the Heart and Vascular Institute, WVU Medicine, USA.