1st Edition

Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering

By Derek Partridge Copyright 1998

    Managers, business owners, computer literate individuals, software developers, students, and researchers--all are looking for an understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and what might be in the future. In this literate yet easy-to-read discussion, Derek Partridge explains what artificial intelligence can and cannot do, and what it holds for applications such as banking, financial services, and expert systems of all kinds. Topics include: the strengths and weaknesses of software development and engineering; machine learning and its promises and problems; expert systems and success stories; and practical software through artificial intelligence.

    Preface Prologue 1. Introduction: the problems of nuclear order and its understanding 2. The awakenings, 1938-46 3. Sculpting an order out of disorder: nuclear weapons and the Cold War 4. Two crises of nuclear order, 1973-86 5. The nuclear order's consolidation, 1986-97 6. The shifting and expanding problems of nuclear order, 1997-2008: the regular and irregular domains of interaction 7. Back to the elimination of nuclear weapons and the NPT's invigoration 8. Heading for the rocks? Bibliography


    Derek Partridge