1st Edition

Artificial Intelligence for Solar Photovoltaic Systems Approaches, Methodologies, and Technologies

Edited By Bhavnesh Kumar, Bhanu Pratap, Vivek Shrivastava Copyright 2023
    308 Pages 141 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book provides a clear explanation of how to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to solve the challenges in solar photovoltaic technology. It introduces readers to new AI-based approaches and technologies that help manage and operate solar photovoltaic systems effectively. It also motivates readers to find new AI-based solutions for these challenges by providing a comprehensive collection of findings on AI techniques.

    It covers important topics including solar irradiance variability, solar power forecasting, solar irradiance forecasting, maximum power point tracking, hybrid algorithms, swarm optimization, evolutionary optimization, sensor-based sun- tracking systems, single-axis and dual-axis sun-tracking systems, smart metering, frequency regulation using AI, emerging multilevel inverter topologies, and voltage and reactive power control using AI.

    This book is useful for senior undergraduate students, graduate students, and academic researchers in areas such as electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, computer science, and renewable energy.

    1. History and Application of Solar PV System
    Vinay Rana, Arjun Tyagi, Krishan Kumar, and Himanshu Grover

    2. Solar Power Forecasting
    Agrim Khurana, Ankit Dabas, Vaibhav Dhand, Rahul Kumar, Bhavnesh Kuma,r and Arjun Tyagi

    3. Comprehensive Technique for Modelling of PV Module
    Vandana Jha

    4. Conventional Techniques for Maximum Power Point Tracking
    Shilpi Yadav, Kamlesh K. Bharti, Vijay Kumar Tewari, Santosh Kumar Tripathi, and Rajesh Kumar

    5. Intelligent Techniques for Maximum Power  Point Tracking
    Dilip Yadav and Nidhi Singh

    6. Analysis of Multijunction Solar Cell-Based PV System with MPPT Schemes
    Omveer Singh and  Mukul Singh

    7. Emerging Techniques of Shade Dispersion
    Faizan Nomani, Bhavnesh Kumar, and  Bhanu Pratap

    8. Solar Tracking Technology to Harness the Green Energy
    Ram Krishan, K. Anil Naik, and R. David Amar Raj

    9. DEvelopment of Solar Panels Models in Several Countries/Regions
    I. S. Qamber

    10. Performance Degradation in Solar Modules
    Shabbir S. Bohra

    11. Performance and Reliability Investigation of Practical Microgrid with Photovoltaic Units
    Burhan U Din Abdullah, Shiva Pujan Jaiswal, Suman Lata, Suman Dulal, and Vivek Shrivastava


    Bhavnesh Kumar is an Assistant Professor in the area of power electronics & drives at the Division of Instrumentation & Control Engineering, NSIT Delhi.

    Bhanu Pratap is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra, India.

    Vivek Shrivastava presently is the Dean (Research & Consultancy) at the National Institute of Technology Delhi.