1st Edition

Artificial intelligence in Pharmaceutical Sciences

    180 Pages 71 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This cutting-edge reference book discusses the intervention of artificial intelligence in the fields of drug development, modified drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical technology, and medical devices development. This comprehensive book includes an overview of artificial intelligence in pharmaceutical sciences and applications in the drug discovery and development process. It discusses the role of machine learning in the automated detection and sorting of pharmaceutical formulations. It covers nanosafety and the role of artificial intelligence in predicting potential adverse biological effects.


    • Includes lucid, step-by-step instructions to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning in pharmaceutical sciences
    • Explores the application of artificial intelligence in nanosafety and prediction of potential hazards
    • Covers application of artificial intelligence in drug discovery and drug development
    • Reviews the role of artificial intelligence in assessment of pharmaceutical formulations
    • Provides artificial intelligence solutions for experts in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries

    This book is meant for academicians, students, and industry experts in pharmaceutical sciences, medicine, and pharmacology.

    1. The Omnipotent and Omnipresent Inevitability of Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI Is All about Creating a Win-Win Situation

    Kiruba Mohandoss

    2. An Overview of Artificial Intelligence-driven Pharmaceutical Functionality

    Hanan Fahad Alharbi, Mullaicharam Bhupathyraaj, Kiruba Mohandoss, Leena Chacko, and K. Reeta Vijaya Rani

    3. Artificial Intelligence in Pharmaceutical Technology: Scope for the Future

    Hanan Fahad Alharbi, Mullaicharam Bhupathyraaj, Leena Chacko, Kiruba Mohandoss, K. Reeta Vijaya Rani, and S Anbazhagan

    4. Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Drug Delivery Systems

    Vijaya Rajendran, Carolin Lincy B.J., Gothanda RamanG, Kirubakaran Narayanan, Leena Chacko, Mullaicharam Bhupathyraaj, Kiruba Mohandoss, and Hanan Fahad Alharbi

    5. Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Drug Discovery and Development

    Prabhu Subbanna Gounder, Sobana Ponnusamy, Hemalatha Selvaraj, Hanan Fahad Alharbi, Kiruba Mohandoss, and Mullaicharam Bhupathyraaj

    6. Artificial Intelligence in Pharmaceutical Healthcare

    Prabhu Subbanna Gounder, Sobana Ponnusamy, Hemalatha Selvaraj, Manisha Ganesh, Leena Chacko, Hanan Fahad Alharbi, and Yoga Senbagapandian Rajamani

    7. Role of Machine Learning in Automated Detection and Sorting of Pharmaceutical Formulations

    Ashok Kumar Janakiraman, Kushagra Khanna, and Ramkanth Sundarapandian

    8. Pharmaceutical Drugs, Biologics, Gene Therapies, and Medical Device Regulation

    Kirubakaran Narayanan, K. Reeta Vijaya Rani, Umashankar Marakanam Srinivasan, Kiruba Mohandos, Yoga Senbagapandian Rajamani, Hanan Fahad Alharbi, and S Anbazhagan

    9. Artificial Intelligence in Community Pharmacy

    Sriram Nagarajan, Kiruba Mohandoss, Yoga Senbagapandian Rajamani, Hanan Fahad Alharbi, and Muralikrishnan Dhanasekaran

    10. An Ethical Outlook on the Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Pharmacy

    Akila Ramanathan, K. Reeta Vijaya Rani, Mullaicharam Bhupathyraaj, Leena Chacko, and Hanan Fahad Alharbi

    11. Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Nanosafety

    Vijaya Rajendran, Subha Sri Ramakrishnan, Ronaldo Anuf A., and Kiruba Mohandoss


    Mullaicharam Bhupathyraaj, PhD, is Professor of Pharmaceutics at the College of Pharmacy, National University of Science and Technology, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. She has more than two decades of teaching and research experience and has received awards at the national and international levels. Professor Bhupathyraaj received many research grants from HRD, AICTE, RG, and MoHERI (NRG, TRC) Oman and has eight international patents to her credit. Her research interests include biomedical, nanopharmaceuticals, herbal formulation development, and applications of artificial intelligence (AI).

    K. Reeta Vijaya Rani, PhD, is Professor in the Pharmaceutics Department at Surya School of Pharmacy, Vikravandi, Tamil Nadu, India, and a member of the Surya Group of Institutions. She has 26 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and education, and she has authored and presented papers at both the national and international levels. Professor Rani has extensive academic writing knowledge and experience.

    Musthafa Mohamed Essa, PhD, is Professor (former) at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. He is Editor-in-Chief for the International Journal of Nutrition, Pharmacology, and Neurological Diseases. He is also Associate Editor for BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Editor of Frontiers in Neuroscience and Frontiers in Biosciences.