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Henri Matisse A Guide to Research

Henri Matisse: A Guide to Research

1st Edition

By Catherine C. Bock Weiss
September 01, 1996

First published in 1996. The art of the extraordinary French artist, Henri Matisse (1869- 1954), has provided visual pleasures and intellectual challenges to its viewers for the last hundred years. This is collection of gathered, summarized, and evaluated major literature on the artist primarily ...

Albrecht Durer A Guide to Research

Albrecht Durer: A Guide to Research

1st Edition

By Jane Campbell Hutchison
August 03, 2000

Hutchison's book is a complete guide on Durer and the research on his work, his historical import and his aesthetic legacy....

Hans Holbein the Younger A Guide to Research

Hans Holbein the Younger: A Guide to Research

1st Edition

By Erika Michael
June 01, 1997

In this quincentennial year of Holbein's birth, this is the first comprehensive annotated bibliography of texts relating to this important Northern European Renaissance artist, with an accompanying historiographic essay on various aspects of Holbein's reception.The first part of the book, "Some ...

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