1st Edition

Artists Labour Market, Cultural Policy and Creative Economy A Triangular Model in Poland

    156 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Focusing on artists and creators, this shortform book analyses the labour market in the creative economy in the context of cultural policies.

    Based on a series of studies involving Polish artists spanning 10 years, the book identifies the key factors needed to understand contemporary labour markets in the creative and cultural sectors worldwide. The authors integrate artists’ perspectives to present truly rounded evidence, shedding light on the applicational perspective of the research findings.

    Illuminating the socioeconomic status of artists in Poland, this book is essential reading for researchers interested in cultural policy and the creative economy, as well as work and labour studies more broadly. It will also be of interest to practitioners in the creative and cultural industries.

    Introduction. Chapter 1: Labour market of artists and creators in the creative economy. Chapter 2: Public support for artists and creators in selected countries. Chapter 3: The socio-economic situation of artists and creators in Poland: Warsaw-Bydgoszcz study (2013). Chapter 4: The professional situation of artists and creators: Nationwide survey (2018). Chapter 5: Specific aspects of the labour market of artists and creators: The example of performing arts. Chapter 6: Estimating the number of working artists in Poland. Chapter 7: Building cultural policies based on research. Conclusion. 


    Dorota Ilczuk is an ordinary professor and economist working at the Faculty of Humanities, and the Head of The Creative Economy Research Centre at SWPS University, Poland.

    Anna Karpińska is a cultural researcher and PhD candidate at SWPS University Poland, with research interests in the fine arts and labour market of artists and creators.

    Emilia Cholewicka is a cultural economist, an assistant professor at SWPS University, Poland, and a dancer, with research interests in dance and women in the labour market.