1st Edition

Artists, Writers and Philosophers on Psychoanalysis From the Couch

By Mariano Horenstein Copyright 2025
    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    232 Pages
    by Routledge

    Artists, Writers and Philosophers on Psychoanalysis presents eclectic interviews with leading figures in their fields, focusing on the impact psychoanalysis has had on their lives and work, and the place of psychoanalysis within culture.    

    Mariano Horenstein’s intimate discussions with figures including Hanif Kureishi, Anish Kapoor, David Cronenberg, and Slavoj Žižek - among many others - bring insight from the therapeutic space to bear on their broader experiences. The first-person testimonies presented here delve into the links between life, art and psychoanalytic experience, shedding new light on their work. Bringing together interviews with artists and intellectuals from the vibrant fields of cinema, music, visual art and architecture, Artists, Writers and Philosophers on Psychoanalysis identifies the common psychoanalytic thread between them.   

    This book provides fascinating insight for anyone interested in interactions between psychoanalysis and the arts. It will also be of great interest to psychoanalysts in practice and in training, and to academics and scholars of psychoanalytic studies and interdisciplinary studies.  

    1. Introduction: From up close, nobody is normal  2. Paul Auster & Siri Hustvedt, the flip side of a monster  3. Alain Badiou, the power of thought  4. Sophie Calle, a character from a novel  5. Javier Cercas, without roots  6. David Cronenberg, an affable outsider  7. Arnaud Desplechin, failure and its beauty  8. Georges Didi-Huberman, thought worker  9. Peter Eisenman, for whom one analyst is not enough  10. Andrea Fraser, the artist who commits the body  11. Luis González Palma, deliciously anachronistic  12. Eric Kandel, the neuroscientist who loved psychoanalysis  13. Sudhir Kakar, a guru between two worlds  14. Anish Kapoor, the amateur foreigner  15. Julia Kristeva, the foreigner  16 Hanif Kureishi, the indigenous Londoner  17. Daniel Libeskind, nomadic architect  18. Caetano Veloso, the man who dreamed psychoanalysis  19. Slavoj Žižek, the tender agitator  20. In few words (a shared epilogue with J. M. Coetzee and Joseph Kosuth)


    Mariano Horenstein is a training and supervising analyst who belongs to the IPA (International Psychoanalytical Association), FEPAL (Latin American Psychoanalytical Federation), and the international research group Geographies of Psychoanalysis. He is based in Argentina and lectures internationally. He is the recipient of international awards, has published three other books and was the first chief editor of Calibán-Latin American Psychoanalytical Journal. 

    'The psychoanalytic author takes the reader on an exciting journey to internationally renowned artists, writers and philosophers. Most of these artists and thinkers have had personal experiences with psychoanalysis, some of them for decades, and it is fascinating to experience in the dialogues how much artistic-creative and psychoanalytical processes can mutually fertilize each other. Is this an elitist undertaking? No, because in his conversations with well-known individuals, the author can demonstrate the effectiveness of psychoanalysis, which otherwise would not become visible for reasons of confidentiality. A wonderful book that deserves many readers.' 

    Heribert Blass, MD., IPA President elect 


    'The publication of this book marks a significant milestone. Mariano Horenstein's interview project, boosted with the support of the IPA, has come to fruition, promising to captivate a broad and diverse audience. From filmmakers to philosophers, each interviewee candidly shares how psychoanalysis has shaped their work and personal journey. The book also reveals the profound impact of psychoanalysis on creativity, self-discovery, and societal understanding. It provides   a captivating glimpse into the timeless significance of our discipline in comprehending the human mind and enhancing lives across various fields.'

    Virginia Ungar, M.D., IPA Past President (2017-2021)