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Arts Culture and Society in the Western World

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The European Renaissance 1400-1600

The European Renaissance 1400-1600

1st Edition

By Robin Kirkpatrick
October 30, 2001

With Italy at its centre, but encompassing the whole of Renaissance Europe, this evocative history challenges some of the popularly-held views on the Renaissance period. In particular, whilst always acknowledging the brilliance and exhuberance of Renaissance culture, Robin Kirkpatrick draws equal ...

Gothic Europe 1200-1450

Gothic Europe 1200-1450

1st Edition

By Derek Pearsall
April 10, 2001

This uniquely ambitious history offers an account of all aspects of cultural activity and production throughout the world of Latin Christendom 1200-1450. Beginning with a detailed description of the political and economic circumstances that allowed the 'Gothic Moment' to flourish, the body of the ...

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