1st Edition

Arts Therapies and Gender Issues International Perspectives on Research

Edited By Susan Hogan Copyright 2019
    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    Arts Therapies and Gender Issues offers international perspectives on gender in arts therapies research and demonstrates understandings of gender and arts therapies in a variety of global contexts. Analysing current innovations and approaches in the arts therapies, it discusses issues of cultural identity, which intersect with sex, gender norms, stereotypes and sexual identity.

    The book includes unique and detailed case studies such as the emerging discipline of creative writing for therapeutic purposes, re-enactment phototherapy, performative practice and virtual reality. Bringing together leading researchers, it demonstrates clinical applications and shares ideas about best practice.

    Incorporating art, drama, dance and music therapy, this book will be of great interest to academics and researchers in the fields of arts therapies, psychology, medicine, psychotherapy, health and education. It will also appeal to practitioners and teachers of art, dance-movement, drama and music therapy.

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    List of contributors.

    Part One: Art Therapy, Dance-Movement-Therapy, Drama Therapy & Music Therapy

    1. Introduction. Arts Therapies & Gender Issues. Professor Susan Hogan.

    2. Drawing on Visions of the Future of Young Women in Poverty. Art as a Feminist Research Method. Michal Magos & Professor Ephrat Huss.

    3. Queering Music Therapy: Music Therapy and LGBTQAI+ Peoples. Dr Annette Whitehead-Pleaux.

    4. Analysing Gender Oppression in Music Therapy Research and Practice. Dr Sue Baines and Dr Jane Edwards.

    5. "The Eye of the Beholder": encountering women’s experience of domestic violence and abuse as a male researcher and art therapist. Dr Jamie Bird.

    6. Parental gender roles in clay: Perceptions of gender-role issues among Israeli fathers to toddlers as expressed in a clay figure-sculpting task. Nehama Grenimann Bauch.

    7. The Birth Project: Mothers & Birth Professionals Make Art. Professor Susan Hogan.

    8. Queer bodies and queer practices: The implications of queer theory for dramatherapy. Patrick Tomczyk.

    9. The therapists’ gender identity in dance movement therapy: does it matter? Job Cornelissen.

    10. The Gendered Body in Arts Therapies Research and Practice. Professor Sue Jennings.

    Part Two: Emergent practices and specialisms

    11. Multiple Gendered Abilities: A Therapeutic Writing Approach. Manu Rodríguez.

    12. What can a Man do with a Camera? Exploring Masculinities with Phototherapy. Dr José Loureiro.

    13. Look at me! Representing Self: Representing Ageing. Older Women Represent Their Own Narratives of Ageing, Using Re-enactment Phototherapeutic Techniques. Rosy Martin.

    14. The Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa Among Female Adolescents Aged 18-21 Using Intertwined Arts Therapies. Alenka Vidrih, Ana Hram & Vita Poštuvan.

    15. Complicated Gender and Problematized Bodies: the impact of severe illness explored through the lens of Portrait Therapy. Dr Susan M. D. Carr.

    16. Experimenting with Gender Roles in Virtual Reality. Nicole Ottiger and Dr Rose Ehemann.

    17. Conclusion. Professor Susan Hogan.


    Susan Hogan is Professor in Cultural Studies & Art Therapy at the University of Derby.