1st Edition

Arts and Cultural Management Sense and Sensibilities in the State of the Field

Edited By Constance DeVereaux Copyright 2019
    314 Pages
    by Routledge

    314 Pages
    by Routledge

    Arts and Cultural Management: Sense and Sensibilities in the State of the Field opens a conversation that is much needed for anyone identifying arts management or cultural management as primary areas of research, teaching, or practice. In the evolution of any field arises the need for scrutiny, reflection, and critique, as well as to display the advancements and diversity in approaches and thinking that contribute to a discipline’s forward progression. While no one volume could encompass all that a discipline is or should be, a representational snapshot serves as a valuable benchmark.

    This book is addressed to those who operate as researchers, scholars, and practitioners of arts and cultural management. Driven by concerns about quality of life, globalization, development of economies, education of youth, the increasing mobility of cultural groups, and many other significant issues of the twenty-first century, governments and individuals have increasingly turned to arts and culture as means of mitigating or resolving tough policy issues. For their growth, arts and culture sectors depend on people in positions of leadership and management who play a significant role in the creation, production, exhibition, dissemination, interpretation, and evaluation of arts and culture experiences for publics and policies. Less than a century old as a formal field of inquiry, however, arts and cultural management has been in flux since its inception. What is arts and cultural management? remains an open question. A comprehensive literature on the discipline, as an object of study, is still developing. This State of the Discipline offers a benchmark for those interested in the evolution and development of arts and cultural management as a branch of knowledge alongside more established disciplines of research and scholarship.

    Section 1: Arts and Cultural Management. Exploring the Field

    1. Cultural Management as a Field (Constance DeVereaux)

    2. Arts and Cultural Management (Fang Hua)

    3. Towards a Sociology of Arts Managers (Vincent Dubois and Victor Lepaux)

    4. Situating Cultural Management (Anke Schad)

    5. Death of the Arts Manager (Aleksandar Brkić)

    Section 2: The State of Arts and Cultural Management Research

    6. Cultural Management Research (Constance DeVereaux)

    7. The Orthodoxy of Cultural Management Research and Possible Paths Beyond it (Goran Tomka)

    8. Why are Evaluations in the Field of Cultural Policy (Almost Always) Contested? (Tasos Zembylas)

    9. Arts Marketing (Patrick Germain-Thomas)

    10. The Reality of Cultural Work (Kerry McCall)

    Section 3: Arts and Cultural Management Discourses

    11. Cultural Management and its Discontents (Constance DeVereaux)

    12. Silence in Cultural Management (Njörður Sigurjónsson).

    13. Managing Utopias (Volker Kirchberg)

    14. Toward a Practical Theory of Managing the Arts (Julian Stahl and Martin Tröndle)


    Constance DeVereaux is Director of the MFA Program in Art Leadership and Cultural Management at University of Connecticut, USA.

    "Constance DeVereaux is a pioneer scholar in arts and cultural management [and] in this book defines the new field of arts and cultural management, which helps  academics and professionals to benchmark their research and practices." Xiao LuInternational Journal of Cultural Policy

    'A contribution of immense value for the field of cultural management.' Jonathan Paquette, Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society

    'The book’s contribution is not only to present the latest arts and cultural management discourse or to simply denote the state of the discipline and expand existing scholarship. It offers a platform for dialogue and food for thought.' Olga Kolokytha, Cultural Trends

    'DeVereaux has done a great service ... the book should appeal to students and academics.' Ann Tonks, Arts Management Network

    'The anthology provides a good picture of the emergence of new multidisciplinary practices and also interesting reflections on cultural and cultural policy differences in when and why there is a need for the term "arts management". DeVereaux makes a great contribution by writing an introductory article for each of the three parts, which provides a breadth, a deep and philosophical reflection on how it is possible to think of a research relationship in the position of art and culture in society.' Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy