1st Edition

As You Like It Critical Essays

Edited By Edward Tomarken Copyright 1997

    This essay collection offers a lengthy introduction describing trends in criticism and theatrical interpretation of As You Like It. Twenty-six major essays on the play, including several written especially for this volume highlight the work, coupled with twenty-three reviews of various productions, ranging from 1741 to 1919. Edward Tomarken edited this valuable collection with a contents that includes pieces by Samuel Johnson, Charles Gildon, J. Payne Collier, Denton J. Snider, Charles Wingate, Victor O. Freeburg, J.B. Priestly, Cumberland Clark, Margaret Maurer and others.

    Critical Essays

    Remarks on the Plays of Shakespeare, Charles Gildon * Love in a Forest, Charles Johnson * The Plays of William Shakespeare, Samuel Johnson * The Dramatic Censor; or, Critical Companion, Francis Gentleman * Notes to As You Like It, Edward Capell * A Specimen of a Commentary on Shakespeare, Walter Whiter * The Works of William Shakespeare, J. Payne Collier * Shakespeare Commentaries, Dr. G. G. Gervinus * Shakespeare's Dramatic Art, Hermann P. Ulrici * System of Shakespeare's Dramas, Denton J. Snider * Miss Grace Latham on Rosalind, Celia, and Helen, W. E. Henley * Some of Shakespeare's Female Characters, Helena Faucit, Lady Martin * Shakespeare's Heroines, Charles Wingate * William Shakespeare: A Critical Study, Georg Brandes * William Shakespeare, John Masefield * The Culminating Comedies, C. Herford * Shakespeare as a Playwright, Brander Matthews * Disguise Plots in Elizabethan Drama, Victor O. Freeburg * Shakespeare's Use of Song, Richmond Noble * The English Comic Characters, J. B. Priestley * Shakespeare and His Plays from a Woman's Point of View, Rosa E. Grindon * Shakespeare's Way, Frederick C. Kolbe * Shakespeare and Psychology, Cumberland Clark * Shakespearian Comedy and Other Studies, George Gordon * Facing the Music in Arden: "'Twas I, But 'Tis Not I", Margaret Maurer *


    The Gentleman's Magazine, 1741 * The Times 7 February 1786 * London Gazette, 18 February 1786 * The Times, 12 December 1788 * The Times, 23 September 1789 * The Times 21 November 1789 * The Times, 3 October 1842 * The Athenaeum, July 1890 * Shaw on Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw * The Stage Shakespeare, Austin Brereton * The Story of My Life, Ellen Terry * The Times, April 23, 1919 * A Definition of Arden, Bamber Gascoigne * Shakespearean Comedy and Some Eighteenth Century Actresses, Jeanne Addison Roberts * Players of Shakespeare, Philip Brockbank, ed. * Watching Shakespeare, Anthony R. Dawson * On Directing Shakespeare, Ralph Berry * As You Like It and the Perils of Pastoral, J. C. Bulman * Reflections Arising from Recent Productions of Love's Labour's Lost and As You Like It, Glynne Wickham * Staging Shakespeare: Seminars on Production Problems, Suzanne Bloch * Taint Not They Mind-problems and Pitfalls in Staging Plays at the Globe, Alan C. Dessen * The Televised Shakespeare Canon, Susan Willis * As You Like It-Performance and Reception, Michael Jamieson


    Edward Tomarken

    "Particularly recommended for those considering staging the play, most likely at a college theatre." Biblioth que d'Humanisme et Renaissance