1st Edition

Asia-Pacific Perspectives on Intercultural Psychology

Edited By Wendy Wen Li, Darrin Hodgetts, Koong Hean Foo Copyright 2019
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    258 Pages
    by Routledge

    Today’s world is more interconnected and interdependent than ever before. Within the context of globalisation and the associated increased contact between diverse groups of people, the psychology of culture is more relevant than ever.

    Asia-Pacific Perspectives on Intercultural Psychology brings together leading researchers from 11 countries to showcase the innovative, evolving, and diverse approaches that epitomise the development of the psychology of culture across the Asia-Pacific region. The contributors provide a range of examples of how different psychologies of culture can inform engagements with a range of psychological issues. Central to each chapter is the relationship between local cultures and ways of being, and knowledge production practices, imported theories, and methods from the global discipline. It is the resulting tensions and opportunities for dialogue that are central to the further development of intercultural psychology as a diverse scholarly arena.

    This important work argues the case for a combination of etic and emic approaches to theory, research, and practice in psychology, that this is foundational to the development of intercultural perspectives and more comprehensive understandings of both the universal and local elements of human experience and psychological phenomena today.

    List of Contributors

    Chapter 1. An intercultural approach to the psychology of culture Wendy Li, Darrin Hodgetts, & Koong Hean Foo

    Chapter 2. Intercultural Chinese Psychology in the Greater China Region Wendy Li & Ling He

    Chapter 3. The Psychology of Culture in Japan Reina Takamatsu & Jiro Takai

    Chapter 4. Collectivism and the Development of Indigenous Psychology in South Korea Joonha Park & Gyuseog Han

    Chapter 5. Psychology of Culture: The Case of Singapore Boon-Ooi Lee & Koong Hean Foo

    Chapter 6. Understanding the Indian worker: Role of Indian thought and Indian Psychology Smita Singh

    Chapter 7. Negotiating Filipino identities and intercultural encounters: From colonisation to globalised migration Michelle G. Ong & Jay A. Yacat

    Chapter 8. The Development of Psychology of Culture in Indonesia Hamdi Muluk, Joevarian Hudiyana, Muhammad Abdan Shadiqi

    Chapter 9. Intercultural Psychology: A case from Sri Lanka Shemana Cassim

    Chapter 10. Indigenous Psychology in Australia Michael Adams, Yolonda Adams and Neil Drew

    Chapter 11. Indigenous psychology in New Zealand Shiloh Groot, Jade Le Grice, and Linda Waimarie Nikora

    Chapter 12. Samoan Indigenous psychology Siautu Alefaio

    Chapter 13. Intercultural Psychology in the Asia-Pacific Region: Recounting the present and looking to the future Wendy Li, Darrin Hodgetts, and Jasleen Chhabra



    Dr Wendy Wen Li is a senior lecturer in Psychology at James Cook University, Australia.

    Professor Darrin Hodgetts is Professor of Societal Psychology at Massey University, New Zealand.

    Dr Koong Hean Foo is a senior lecturer in Psychology at James Cook University, Singapore.