1st Edition

Asia and Europe in the 21st Century New Anxieties, New Opportunities

Edited By Rahul Mishra, Azirah Hashim, Anthony Milner Copyright 2021
    218 Pages
    by Routledge

    218 Pages
    by Routledge

    How are the rising mutual concerns of Asian and European countries shaping their approaches to the international order? Contributors to this volume discuss emerging critical issues in International relations, including the Indo-Pacific constructs, China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), and the progress of established regional security mechanisms like the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. They also compare western and non-western approaches to these issues, with a holistic perspective on the origins and evolutions of these approaches. Both the Indo-Pacific constructs and BRI present a remarkable set of opportunities for Europe as well as Asia. This book presents key implications of the changing politico-security dynamics in the two regions from the perspectives of both Asian and European scholars and theoretical traditions. A must-read for scholars of International Relations with a focus on relations between Asia and Europe.

    Introduction (Rahul Mishra, Azirah Hashim and Anthony Milner) Part 1: Making Sense of International Relations: Western and Non-Western Approaches 1. Making Sense of International Relations: Non-Western Approaches (Amitav Acharya) 2. Making Sense of International Relations: Western, Non-Western and Universal Approaches (Mohamed Jawhar Hassan) 3. Making Sense of International Relations: A Japanese Perspective (Makio Miyagawa) Part 2: European and Asian Security Architecture: Current Developments 4. New threats to the multilateral order: what the ASEAN and the European Union can do? (Enrico Letta) 5. A Common Security Platform? EU and ASEAN have security concerns but also need to prioritize according to their needs (Farish A. Noor) 6. The European Security Architecture: Current Developments (Yeo Lay Hwee) 7. EU’s Strategic Choices for the 2020s (Sven Biscop) Part 3: Emerging Constructs – Belt and Road Initiative and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation 8. Malaysia’s Embrace of the Belt and Road Initiative and Implications for Regional Geopolitics (Johan Saravanamuttu) 9. Europe and the Challenge of The Belt and Road Initiative (Brian Bridges) 10. Conceptualising the Belt and Road Initiative: A Southeast Asian Perspective (Cheong, Kee Cheok, LI. Ran, Goh, Kim Leng and Wang Qianyi) 11. China and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (Sana Hashmi) Part 4: Emerging Constructs: The Indo-Pacific 12. The Indo-Pacific: An Evolving Regional Construct (S.D. Muni and Rahul Mishra) 13. Europe and the Indo-Pacific concept (Paul Gillespie) 14. Indonesia and Security Challenges in the Indo-Pacific Region (Yanyan Mochamad Yani) 15. A Critique of the Indo-Pacific Construct: Geopolitics of Western-Centrism (Sharifah Munirah Alatas)


    Rahul Mishra is Senior Lecturer and Coordinator, European Studies Programme at the Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya.

    Azirah Hashim is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Malaya and former Executive Director, Asia-Europe Institute and former Director, Centre for ASEAN Regionalism, University of Malaya.

    Anthony Milner is Visiting Professor, University of Malaya; Professorial Fellow, University of Melbourne; and Emeritus Professor, Australian National University.

    "an excellent contribution to International Relations (IR) with the non-western approach as its unique selling point. This book will be useful for IR scholars and practitioners who are interested in regionalism in Asia and Europe."---Peter Brian M. Wang, National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN), Malaysia, in International Affairs 98:4, 2022