1st Edition

Asian Dimensions of Services Marketing

By Esther Tang, Ricky Chan, Susan Tai Copyright 2001

    Explore current trends in the Asian service industry!

    Asian Dimensions of Services Marketing takes you on a journey through the service industries of Asia. Due to the extraordinary amount of growth in Asian service industries over the past few decades, this sector is expanding greatly in many Asian countries. These changes have had many effects on countries such as China, Korea, Singapore, and Thailand, mostly at the expense of agriculture and manufacturing. This book examines these effects, and establishes ways to achieve success in services marketing.

    This educational book provides an enlightening look at topics such as:

    • the influence of reference groups in the service industry of Singapore
    • the moderating effect of switching costs on the relationship between service performance and customer satisfaction in the Thai cultural and business setting
    • how multinational professional service firms in South Korea have achieved success
    • the emotional impact of store atmosphere on Chinese customers in a leisure service setting
    • the rapid development of services in Asia, and how to effectively market intangibles to various kinds of consumers

    • Foreword
    • Preface
    • Switching Costs as a Moderator of Service Satisfaction Processes in Thailand
    • Perceptions of Factors Driving Success for Multinational Professional Services Firms in Korea
    • Reference Group Influence and Perceived Risk in Services Among Working Women in Singapore: A Replication and Extension
    • Emotional Influences of Environmental Cues on Chinese Consumers in a Leisure Service Setting
    • Consumer Processing of International Advertising: The Roles of Country of Origin and Consumer Ethnocentrism
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Tang, Esther; Chan, Ricky; Tai, Susan