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    In recent decades, the cultural and linguistic legacies of the colonial era have been superseded by the globalization of English through the international mass media, particularly via satellite television and the Internet. In many societies that were previously the colonies of Anglophone powers, ‘new Englishes’ have appeared, visible most dramatically in the ‘new literatures’ of India, Singapore, the Philippines etc. However, many of these new Englishes are much older in provenance than many linguists have previously recognized. The process of British and American imperial expansion in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries took the English language to many parts of the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, China and Japan. Indeed, it is typically in these initial stages of political, historical and cultural contact that we can identify the dynamics of ‘languages in contact’, and the origins of ‘World Englishes’, in a range of settings, including South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia.

    This Major Work from Routledge, a new title in the History and Development of World Englishes series, is a unique reference collection. It brings together a range of sources, reprinted in facsimile, charting the spread of English throughout Asia and the development of ‘Asian Englishes’ from the eighteenth century through to the 1960s.

    Volume 1: South Asian English, 1837–1938  Volume 2: ‘Baboo English’, 1890–1891  Volume 3: Features of Indian English, 1907–1954  Volume 4: Debating English in Asia, 1968–1976  Volume 5: East Asian Variance of ‘Pidgin English’, 1836–1960  China.  Japan and Korea


    Braj Kachru has been co-editor of the international journal World Englishes since 1981 and is recognised as having played an influential role in the development of the field over the last two decades.

    Kingsley Bolton is author of numerous books, chapters and journal articles on the history of language and linguistics, sociolinguistics and World Englishes.


    They have also edited a 'Critical Concepts' collection on World Englishes, which will publish July 2005.