1st Edition

Asian-European Perspectives Developing the ASEM Process

By Wim Stokhof, Paul van der Velde Copyright 2002
    ISBN 9781138863347
    176 Pages
    Published February 27, 2015 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780700714353
    188 Pages
    Published August 31, 2001 by Routledge

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    The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) is an interregional forum for political dialogue, education and culture, security and business, aimed at enhancing relations between Asia and Europe to achieve a better interregional balance in the spheres of politics, economics and culture. Its members are the seven ASEAN countries and the 15 EU countries. This book addresses three questions of central importance to the ASEM process and to the involvement of the private sector: What role can Europe and Asia play in managing an integrated global economy? What will be the role of the private sector in boosting the ASEM process? And how can the full potential of ASEM be realised? The contributors to the volume are Asian and European academics, politicians and businessmen who have been involved in the process from the very beginning.

    Part 1 The Vision Group’s Vision; Chapter 1 ASEM: Realising the Potential for the Next Millennium, Niels Helvig Petersen; Chapter 2 Being Serious about Asia, John Boyd; Chapter 3 For a Better Tomorrow: Asia-Europe Partnership in the 21 st Century, Robert S. Arendal; Part 2 Realzing ASEM’s Potential; Chapter 4 Resolving the Paradox, Anthony Murphy; Chapter 5 The ASEM Process: New Rules for Engagement in a Global Environment, Leo Schmit; Chapter 6 ASEM – Transregional Forum at the Crossroads, Jürgen Rüland; Part 3 Inventing an ASEM Vocabulary; Chapter 7 Legal Status of Non-Profit Organizations in Japan, Kiyoko Ikegami; Chapter 8 Methods for Facilitating Integration of Developing Nations into the ASEM Process, Ngyuen Son; Chapter 9 Europe’s Role in Asian Security, Daljit Singh; Part 4 Creating a Eurasian Research Culture; Chapter 10 ASEM: Time for an Overhaul, Nuria Ofken; Chapter 11 The Need for an ASEM Research Platform, Sabine Kuypers, Wim Stokhof; Chapter 12 Towards a Virtual ASEM: From Information to Knowledge, César De Prado Yepes; Part 5 Annexes; annex1 Chairman’s Statement ASEM 3; annex2 Asia-Europe Co-operation Framework 2000; annex3 Activities since ASEM 2; annex4; Contributors; annex5 Abbreviations;


    Wim Stokhof, Paul Van Der Velde

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