1st Edition

Asian Nationalisms Reconsidered

Edited By Jeff Kingston Copyright 2016
    298 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    298 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Nationalism appears to be rising in a renascent Asia and stoking tensions, aspirations, and identity politics while amplifying grievances and raising questions about prospects in what is touted as the Asian century. This book provides a broad overview and introduction to nationalism in Asia. Leading experts in their fields succinctly convey key information and critical analysis useful to students in a range of courses across disciplines.

    Part I presents thematic chapters, mostly cross-national studies, that elucidate the roots and consequences of nationalism in these societies and the varying challenges they confront.

    Part II presents concise country case studies in Asia, providing an overview of what is driving contemporary nationalism and surveys the domestic and international implications. Approaching Asia from the perspective of nationalism facilitates a comparative, interdisciplinary analysis that helps readers better understand each society and what the ramifications of nationalism are for contemporary Asians, and the worlds that they (and we) participate in.

    Asian Nationalisms Reconsidered is an invaluable textbook for undergraduate courses and graduate seminars related to international relations, Asian Studies, political science, government, foreign policy, peace and conflict, and nationalism.

    1. Introduction, Jeff Kingston Section I 2. East is East and West is West? Applying Theories of Nationalism to Asia, Tina Burrett 3. Energy Nationalism: Power Politics in Asia James D.J. Brown 4. Specters of Partition: Religious Nationalism in Post-colonial South Asia, Shani 5. Religion and Nationalism in Asia, Jeff Kingston 6. Military Nationalism and Nuclear Internationalism in Asia, Robert Jacobs 7. Nationalism and the Law: Japan’s Tale of Two Constitutions, Lawrence Repeta 8. Leadership and Nationalism: Assessing Shinzo Abe, Patrick Hein 9. China vs. the US Alliance: The background to Sino-Japanese rivalry, Robert Dujarric 10. Korea-Japan’s Rocky Standoff: Something More? Alexis Dudden 11. Nationalist Attitudes Among Mass Publics in East Asia, Matthew Linley Section II—Country Studies 12. The Making of Hong Kong Nationalism, Alvin So 13. Nationalism and its Political Implications in Contemporary China, Chunhua Chen 14. Political Dynamics of Contemporary Japanese Nationalism, Koichi Nakano 15. Nationalism and History in Contemporary Japan, Sven Saaler 16. Post-Colonial South Korean Nationalism, Jonson Porteux 17. Indian Nationalism—The Most Recent Turn, Pankaj Mishra 18. Thailand’s Eternal Flame of Nationalism: Legitimacy and Manipulation, Pavin Chachavalpongpun 19. Burma’s (Myanmar’s) ‘exclusive’ nationalism, Kei Nemoto 20. Indonesian nationalism: from underdog to rising power, Vannessa Hearman 21. The Puzzle of Filipino Nationalism, Patricio N. Abinales 22. Russia’s Competing Nationalisms and Foreign Relations with Asia, Tina Burrett


    Jeff Kingston is Professor of History and Director of Asian Studies at Temple University, Japan.