1st Edition

Asian Pacific American Politics Celebrating the Scholarly Legacy of Don T. Nakanishi

Edited By Andrew Aoki, Pei-te Lien Copyright 2020
    370 Pages
    by Routledge

    370 Pages
    by Routledge

    Asian Pacific American Politics presents some of the most recent research on Asian American politics, including both quantitative and qualitative examinations of the role of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans in some of today’s major political controversies.

    In the highly polarized politics of the United States in the early 21st century, non-Black racial minorities such as Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans will increasingly find themselves swept into the epicenter of many of the divisive controversies. This timely volume presents the latest scholarly research on some of these issues, examining questions such as Asian American support for #Black Lives Matter, responses to racially-charged attacks, and the differences in the political socialization, politicization, and community-based activism within and across sectors of the Asian American population. In addition to examining political identity, voting participation, political mobilization, transnational politics, and partisan formation, the volume also investigates important, but little discussed, issues such as the Native Hawaiian sovereignty movement, political incorporation of Filipino Americans, and the struggle to establish "comfort women" memorials in the United States. Contributors also examine, through dialogues, how Asian Americans fit into the larger world of American racial politics, the extent to which they are likely to build coalitions with other communities of color, and the boundaries and contours of Asian American political theory.

    Exploring and Expanding the Political World Pioneered by Don T. Nakanishi, Asian Pacific American Politics will be of great interest to scholars of race and ethnicity in American politics, immigration and minority incorporation, ethnic identity politics, and political participation and democratic inclusion of Asians. The chapters were originally published in Politics, Groups, and Identities.


    Exploring and expanding the political world pioneered by Don T. Nakanishi

    Andrew Aoki and Pei-te Lien

    Research Articles

    1. Race-ing solidarity: Asian Americans and support for Black Lives Matter

    Julie Lee Merseth

    2. From emotion to action among Asian Americans: assessing the roles of threat and identity in the age of Trump

    Davin L. Phoenix and Maneesh Arora

    3. Superficial Equality: Gender and immigration in Asian American political participation

    Christian Dyogi Phillips and Taeku Lee

    4. The social roots of Asian American partisan attitudes

    Tanika Raychaudhuri

    5. Coalition building and mobilization: case studies of the comfort women memorials in the United States

    Mary M. McCarthy and Linda C. Hasunuma

    6. Does Christopher Chen Vote More Than Shu-Wei Chen? The Cost of Ethnic Retention among Asian America Voters

    Min Hee Go

    7. Party Identification and the Immigrant Cohort Hypothesis: The Case of Vietnamese Americans

    Loan Kieu Le and Phi Hong Su

    8. The Role of Co-Ethnic Political Mobilization in Electoral Incorporation: Evidence from Orange County, California

    Carole Jean Uhlaner and Danvy Le

    9. When Does Race Matter? Exploring White Responses to Minority Congressional Candidates

    Neil Visalvanich

    10. The Effect of Party Mobilization, Group Identity, and Racial Context on Asian Americans’ Turnout

    Dukhong Kim

    Dialogue Essays: Doing, Learning, and Thinking about Asian Pacific American Politics

    11. Filipino American political participation

    Erwin S. de Leon and Gem P. Daus

    12. "Now we know": resurgences of Hawaiian independence

    Noelani Goodyear-Ka’opua

    13. Intersectional perspectives on Asian Pacific American activism and movement building

    Nicole Filler

    14. Are ballot box issues enough? Nakanishi’s indication and the case for Asian Pacific American transnational Politics in an age of domestic disruption

    Christian Collet

    15. How far have we come? Asian Pacific Americans in introductory American government textbooks in three different time periods

    Okiyoshi Takeda

    Dialogue within Dialogue

    16. Contours of Asian American political theory: introductions and polemics

    Fred Lee

    17. Commentary on Fred Lee’s "Contours of Asian American Political Theory: Introductions and Polemics"

    Charles T. Lee

    18. Reflections on Fred Lee’s "Contours of Asian American Political Theory: Introductions and Polemics"

    Edmund Fong

    19. When Race No Longer Predicts Minority Status and Identity

    Pei-te Lien

    20. Asian Americans and the Rainbow: The Prospects and Limits of Coalitional Politics

    Karthick Ramakrishnan

    Review Essay

    21. Asian Americans and politics: communities and research transformed

    Paul Y. Watanabe


    Andrew Aoki is Professor of Political Science and Senior Fellow of Sabo Center for Citizenship and Learning at Augsburg University, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

    Pei-te Lien is Professor of Political Science affiliated with Asian American Studies, Feminist Studies, and Black Studies at University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.