1st Edition

Asian Yearbook of International Law Volume 15 (2009)

Edited By B.S. Chimni, Miyoshi Masahiro, Javaid Rehman Copyright 2012

    Launched in 1991, The Asian Yearbook of International Law is a major refereed publication dedicated to international law issues as seen primarily from an Asian perspective, under the auspices of the Foundation for the Development of International Law in Asia (DILA). It is the first publication of its kind edited by a team of leading international law scholars from across Asia. The Yearbook provides a forum for the publication of articles in the field of international law, and other Asian international law topics, written by experts from the region and elsewhere.

    Its aim is twofold: to promote international law in Asia, and to provide an intellectual platform for the discussion and dissemination of Asian views and practices on contemporary international legal issues. Each volume of the Yearbook contains articles and shorter notes; a section on State practice; an overview of Asian states participation in multilateral treaties; succinct analysis of recent international legal developments in Asia; an agora section devoted to critical perspectives on international law issues; surveys of the activities of international organizations of special relevance to Asia; and book review, bibliography and documents sections.

    This volume offers Asian perspectives on topics including : treaty-making power in China; the crime of aggression, illegal fishing and the destruction of environment in armed conflicts.

    Introduction  Part 1: Articles  1. International law, the Use of Force and the Crime of Aggression: From the Charter of the United Nations to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Sergey Sayapin  2. The Treaty-Making Power in China: Constitutionalisation, Progress and Problems Chen Yifeng  3. Post–LOSC Legal Instruments and Measures to Address Illegal IUU Fishing Dik Dik Sodik  4. An Examination of the Plea of Self-Defence vis-à-vis Non-State Actors (Sata Award 2009), Amin Ghanbari Amirhandeh  5. Destruction of Environment During an Armed Conflict and Violation of International Law: A Legal Analysis Rishav Banerjee  Part 2: Editorial Notes  6. The North Sea Continental Shelf Cases Revisited: Implications for the Boundaries in the Northeast Asian Seas Miyoshi Masahiro  Part 3: Legal Materials  7. Treaty Section  8. State Practice  Part 4: Book Reviews  9. Yael Ronen, The Iran Nuclear Issue (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2010, pp. 550) by Javaid Rehman  10. Professor Surya Subedi, International Investment Law: Reconciling Policy and Principle, (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2008 pp. 244) by Paramalingam Sandrasegaram 11. Dr Rabia Bhuiyan, Gender and Tradition in Marriage & Divorce: An Analysis of Personal Laws of Muslims and Hindu Women in Bangladesh (Dhaka: UNESCO, 2010, pp. 302) by Javaid Rehman 12. Jacqueline Peel, Science and Risk Regulation in International Law, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010, pp. 398) by Muhammad Nizam Awang


    B.S. Chimni is Professor in the School of International Studies at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, India.

    Miyoshi Masahiro is Professor Emeritus of International Law at Aichi University, Japan.

    Javaid Rehman is Professor of Law at Brunel University, UK.