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About the Series is a series which focuses on the ways in which new information and communication technologies are influencing politics, society and culture in Asia.

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Online@AsiaPacific Mobile, Social and Locative Media in the Asia–Pacific

Online@AsiaPacific: Mobile, Social and Locative Media in the Asia–Pacific

1st Edition

By Larissa Hjorth, Michael Arnold
February 27, 2015

Media across the Asia-Pacific region are at once social, locative and mobile. Social in that these media facilitate public and interpersonal interaction, locative in that this social communication is geographically placed, and mobile in so much as the media is ever-present. The Asia–Pacific region ...

Mobile Media in the Asia-Pacific Gender and The Art of Being Mobile

Mobile Media in the Asia-Pacific: Gender and The Art of Being Mobile

1st Edition

By Larissa Hjorth
October 11, 2011

This century has been marked by the rapid and divergent uptake of mobile telephony throughout the world. The mobile phone has become a poignant symbol for postmodernity and the attendant modes of global mobility and immobility. Most notably, the icon of the mobile phone is most palpable in the ...

Chinese Cyberspaces Technological Changes and Political Effects

Chinese Cyberspaces: Technological Changes and Political Effects

1st Edition

Edited By Jens Damm, Simona Thomas
May 26, 2009

The internet is developing more extensively in China than any other country in the world. Chinese Cyberspaces provides multidisciplinary perspectives on recent developments and the consequences of internet expansion in China. Including first-hand research and case studies, the ...

The Internet in Indonesia's New Democracy

The Internet in Indonesia's New Democracy

1st Edition

By David T. Hill, Krishna Sen
August 09, 2005

The Internet in Indonesia’s New Democracy is a detailed study of legal, economic, political and cultural practices surrounding the provision and consumption of the Internet in Indonesia at the turn of the twenty-first century. Hill and Sen detail the emergence of the Internet into Indonesia in the ... Asia Encounters the Internet Asia Encounters the Internet

1st Edition

Edited By K. C. Ho, Randy Kluver, C.C. Yang
October 17, 2003

The internet is developing quicker in Asia than in any other region of the world. This book is the first comprehensive analysis of the information society in an Asian context, and the impact of these technologies in Asia. These impacts are inevitably uneven and conditioned by issues of ...

Japanese Cybercultures

Japanese Cybercultures

1st Edition

Edited By Nanette Gottlieb, Mark McLelland
February 21, 2003

Japan is rightly regarded as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, yet the development and deployment of Internet technology in Japan has taken a different trajectory compared with Western nations. This is the first book to look at the specific dynamics of Japanese ...

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