1st Edition

Aspects of British Political History 1815-1914

By Stephen J. Lee Copyright 1994
    384 Pages
    by Routledge

    384 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Aspects of British History, 1815-1914 addresses the major issues of this much-studied period in a clear and digestible form.
    * Introduces a fresh feel to long-studied topics
    * Consolidates a grest deal of recent research
    * Carefully organised to reflect the way teachers tackle this course
    * Written by and experienced and renowned textbook author
    * Illustrated with helpful maps and photographs

    List of Illustrations. 1. An Introduction to British political history 1915-1914. 2. Britain and the threat of revolution 1789-1832. 3. Tory rule 1812-30. 4. The foreign policy of Castlereagh and Canning. 5. The 1832 Reform Act. 6. Whig reforms in the 1830s. 7. Sir Robert Peel as party leader and national statesman. 8. Chartism. 9. The Corn Laws and their repeal. 10. Palmerston's foreign and domestic policies. 11. Parliamentary reform: 1867 and beyond. 12. Disraeli and the Conservative party. 13. Gladstone, Liberalism and Ireland. 14. The foreign policy of Disraeli and Gladstone. 15. British imperialism and the Scramble for Africa. 16. Conservative ascendancy 1885-1905. 17. Liberal domestic policies 1905-14. 18. The rise of the Labour party before 1914. 19. From splendid isolation to war: British foreign policy 1895-1914. 20. Government policy and the economy 1815-1914. 21. Government policy towards social problems 1815-1914. 22. Britain and Ireland 1800-1921. 23. Primary sources for British political history 1815-1914. Notes. Select bibliography. Index.


    Stephen J. Lee