1st Edition

Aspects of European History 1789-1980

By Stephen J. Lee Copyright 1982
    384 Pages
    by Routledge

    384 Pages
    by Routledge

    In this sequel to his popular Aspects of European History, 1494 - 1789, Stephen J. Lee charts the most commonly encountered topics of nineteenth and twentieth century history, from the origins of the French Revolution, through the social and political reforms and upheavals of the last two centuries to the present.

    Helpful and accessible, the book includes:

    * an invigorating guide and sound source of background material
    * short analytical chapters
    * an interpretative approach to history, providing a range of viewpoints on each subject
    * both a broad survey and specific studies
    * stimulation for student's ability to develop and clarify theme
    * a careful structure which aids notetaking, preparation of essays and revision.

    Any student of European history will want to have this book at their side throughout their course studies.

    Introduction, 1. The Origins of the French Revolution, 2. The Course of the French Revolution, 3. The Reforms of Napoleon I, 4. The Fall of Napoleon I, 5. The Concert of Europe 1815–48, 6. Metternich and the Austrian Empire 1815–48, 7. The Revolutions of 1848–9, 8. The Impact of the Crimean War on European Diplomacy, 9. Cavour, Garibaldi and the Unification of Italy, 10. The Unification of Germany, 11. The Reforms of Alexander II, 12. The Collapse of the Second French Empire, 13. Bismarck and the German Political Parties 1871–90, 14. The Survival of the Third French Republic 1870–1914, 15. German Foreign Policy 1871–1914, 16. The Outbreak of the First World War, 17. The Collapse of Austria-Hungary and the Problems of the Successor States, 18. The Last Years of Tsarist Russia, 19. The Bolshevik Seizure and Retention of Power 1917–24, 20. Two Views of the Terms of the Treaty of Versailles, 21. Mussolini, 22. The Great Depression, 23. Hitler’s Rise to Power and the Nazi Revolution, 24. German Foreign Policy 1918–39, 25. Soviet Foreign Policy 1918–41, 26. The League of Nations, 27. The Spanish Civil War, 28. The Contradictions of the Third French Republic 1918–40, 29. The Soviet Economy 1917–80, 30. The Defeat of Nazi Germany, 31. The Cold War to 1980, 32. Economic and Political Integration in Western Europe 1945–80, 33. Nationalism, 34. Marxism and its Manifestations to 1980, 35. Imperialism, 36. Decolonization, Notes, Bibliography


    Stephen J. Lee

    '... does just what the title implies and does it well. Certainly a book for the library shelves.' - Teaching Politics