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Asphalt Pavements

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Y. Richard Kim

ISBN 9781138026933
Published August 6, 2014 by CRC Press
1966 Pages

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Book Description

Asphalt Pavements contains the proceedings of the International Conference on Asphalt Pavements (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, 1-5 June 2014), and discusses recent advances in theory and practice in asphalt materials and pavements. The contributions cover a wide range of topics:

- Environmental protection and socio-economic impacts

- Additives and modifiers for asphalt concrete

- Maintenance and rehabilitation

- Experimental characterization of asphaltic materials

- Life cycle cost analysis/modeling of compaction in the laboratory and in the field

- Perpetual pavements

- Pavement management systems

- Sustainable asphalt technologies

- Nondestructive testing of asphalt pavement

- Pavement condition survey/pavement smoothness/quality control/quality assurance

- Microstructural characterization and micromechanics of asphaltic materials

- Long-term pavement performance prediction

- Mineral aggregate in asphalt concrete/mix design methodology/novel methods to aid mix design

- Warm mix asphalt technologies

- Innovative pavement analysis and design

- Pavement response analysis under static and moving wheel loads

- Recycling

- Modeling of asphaltic materials and pavements

- Microstructural characterization and micromechanics of asphalt materials

- Asphalt pavement and environment

- Performance-related specifications

Asphalt Pavements will be of interest to academics and professional involved in asphalt engineering.

Table of Contents

Welcoming remarks
ISAP 2014 committees

Plenary papers

Plenary session on design

M-E flexible pavement design: Issues and challenges
M.R. Thompson

Plenary session on materials

Insights into binder chemistry, microstructure, properties relationships—usage in the real world
J.-P. Planche

Plenary session on preservation

Why preservation-definitions, treatment types, benefits, and challenges
R.G. Hicks & D. Cheng

Podium papers

Environmental protection and socio-economic impacts

Urban heat island effect: Comparing thermal and radiation effects of asphalt and concrete pavements on adjacent buildings using CFD methods
M. Swanson & A. Hobbs

Worker exposure to ultrafine particles in asphalt laboratory
S. Asadi & M.M. Hassan

Method for calculating warm mix energy saving based on stack gas measurements
B. Frank & B. Prowell

Additives and modifiers for asphalt concrete—I

Surface energy measurements and wettability investigation of different minerals and bitumen for cold asphalts
A. Khan, P. Redelius & N. Kringos

Damage in asphalt concrete during the dynamic complex modulus and flow number tests
M.A. Elseifi, L.N. Mohammad, E. Kassem, H. Ying & E. Masad

The Universal Simple Aging Test (USAT): Simulating short- and long term hot and warm mix oxidative aging in the laboratory
M.J. Farrar, J.-P. Planche, R.W. Grimes & Q. Qin

Maintenance and rehabilitation—I

Performance study of fog or rejuvenating seals on gap and open graded surfaces for Caltrans
D. Cheng, L. Lane & P. Vacura

Evaluation of early aggregate retention performance of chip seals with Polymer-Modified Emulsions
J.H. Im & Y.R. Kim

Pavement and Materials Technology Review for municipalities—including a case study
L. Uzarowski & V. Henderson

Experimental characterization of asphaltic materials—I

Field applications of portable infrared spectroscopy to asphalt products
I. Yut, A. Bernier & A. Zofka

Experimental investigation of frost/thaw effects on bituminous mixes under wet conditions
C. Mauduit, É. Crégut, S. Joly, S. Liandrat, O. Chupin, F. Hammoum & J.-M. Piau

Determination of discrete retardation spectra of asphalt binders using Modified Windowing Method
Y. Sun, J. Chen, J. Liu & H. Xu

Life cycle cost analysis/modeling of compaction in the laboratory and in the field

DAsphalt—Innovative asphalt mix for PPP projects with increased lifetime
S. Pahirangan & N. Simmleit

Superpave Gyratory Compactor as a compaction predictor tool for unbound material
C. Kumpel, A. Bagriacik, R. Cohen, S. Rossi, C. Yurick, W.H. Ma, A. Daouadji & M.B. Sukumaran

Including asphalt cooling and rolling regimes in laboratory compaction procedures
F.R. Bijleveld & A.G. Dorée

Perpetual pavements

Oxidative aging of long-life asphalt pavements in Hong Kong
Y. Wang, Y. Wen, K. Zhao, J. Wei, H. Wang & A.S.T. Wong

Mechanistic responses in perpetual pavement
D. Gedafa, M. Hossain & S. Romanoschi

Long life surfaces for busy roads
R. Elliott, C. Fergusson, J. Richardson, A. Stevenson & D. James

Optimising long life low noise porous asphalt
D. Alabaster, P. Herrington & J. Waters

Pavement management systems

A performance-based Pavement Management System for the road network of Montreal city—a conceptual framework
Md. S.R. Amin & L.E. Amador-Jiménez

Noise related to pavement preservation surfaces in NJ
J. Hencken, Ed. Haas, M. Tulanowski & T. Bennert

Significance of non-load related distresses on airfield asphalt pavements: Review of 25 years of pavement management data
J.F. Rushing, J.D. Doyle & A. Harrison

Analysis of rolling resistance models to analyse vehicle fuel consumption as a function of pavement properties
J. Bryce, J. Santos, G. Flintsch, S. Katicha, K. McGhee & A. Ferreira

Additives and modifiers for asphalt concrete—II

Physicochemical characteristics of RAP binder blends
S.-C. Huang, A.T. Pauli & Q. Qin

Evaluation of test sections with Polymer Modified Bitumens
X. Lu, S. Said, H. Carlsson, H. Soenen, S. Heyrman & P. Redelius

The low temperature characterization of bio-modified shingles
D. Oldham, E.H. Fini & A. Onochie

Optical fiber sensors with flexible encapsulation for pavement behavior monitoring
W. Liu, X. Xing, Y. Zhao, Z. Wang & L. Kang

Sustainable asphalt technologies—I

New surface layers with low rolling resistance tested in Denmark
M. Pettinari, B. Schmidt, B. Bo Jensen & O. Hededal

Design alternative comparison system for pavements
D. Andrei

Development of water-based curing reactive cold asphalt repair material
H. Moriyasu, H. Taniguchi, K. Koshi & K. Hatakeyama

Effect of moisture on asphalt mastic tensile properties at ambient temperature
A.K. Apeagyei, J.R.A. Grenfell & G. Airey

Experimental characterization of asphaltic materials—II

Triaxial Cyclic Compression Testing of hot mix asphalt with cyclic confining pressure
B. Hofko, M. Hospodka & R. Blab

Impact of field ageing on low-temperature performance of binder and hot mix asphalt
B. Hofko, M. Hospodka, R. Blab, L. Eberhardsteiner, J. Füssl, H. Grothe & F. Handle

Advanced Shear Tester for solid and layered samples
A. Zofka, A. Bernier, R. Josen & M. Maliszewski

Effect of cooling rate on the thermo-volumetric, thermo-viscoelastic, and fracture properties of asphalt mixtures
M.Z. Alavi & E.Y. Hajj

Nondestructive testing of asphalt pavement

Study of the cavity problem under the pavement caused by the earthquake in 2011
F. Kawana, K. Kubo, N. Ueda, Y. Takeuchi & K. Matsui

Performance of Permeable Friction Course (PFC) pavements over time
E. Arambula, C.K. Estakhri, A.E. Martin, M. Trevino, A. Smit & J. Prozzi

Implementation of algorithms for asphalt moduli temperature correction
C. Plati, V. Papavasiliou, A. Loizos & C. Tsaimou

Use of distributed fiber optic sensors to detect damage in a pavement
X. Chapeleau, J. Blanc, P. Hornych, J.-L. Gautier & J. Carroget

Pavement condition survey/pavement smoothness/quality control/quality assurance

Evaluation of fatigue damage in asphalt pavement using FWD dissipated work
K. Maruyama & M. Kumagai

Estimation of a longitudinal true profile for expressway pavements by a mobile profiling system
K. Tomiyama, A. Kawamura, T. Ohiro & S. Tozuka

A study on profile improvement in pavement repair 481
K. Kamiya, K. Yamaguchi, A. Kawamura & K. Tomiyama

Assess asphalt in-place density with Intelligent Compaction measurements
G.K. Chang, V.L. Gallivan & Q. Xu

Microstructural characterization and micromechanics of asphaltic materials—I

Automatic generation of micromechanical numerical simulation model of asphalt concrete with visco-elastic properties
X. Li, L. Li, Y. Huo, X. Wang & C. Shi

Understanding the microstructure of bitumen: A CLSM and fluorescence approach to model bitumen ageing behavior
F. Handle, J. Füssl, S. Neudl, D. Grossegger, L. Eberhardsteiner, B. Hofko, M. Hospodka, R. Blab & H. Grothe

A constitutive model for simulation of water to ice phase change in asphalt mixtures
A. Varveri, S. Avgerinopoulos, C. Kasbergen, A. (Tom) Scarpas & A. Collop

Comparing image processing techniques for asphalt concrete X-ray CT images
T. Papagiannakis, H. Zelelew & S. Agaian

Long-term pavement performance prediction—I

Effect of saturated ageing on fatigue behavior of asphalt pavements
A. Bommerla & K.S. Reddy

Military pavement subgrade problems
R. Rollings, N. Rollings & M. Rollings

Influence of moisture on Resilient Deformation behaviour of Unbound Granular Materials
M.S. Rahman & S. Erlingsson

Determination of the preferred intervention point for rehabilitation of dense graded asphalt wearing courses on the sand sub-grades of the Swan Coastal Plain in consideration of the triple bottom line (ecological, economic and social impacts)
M. Glover

Experimental characterization of asphaltic materials—III

Discrete Element Modelling and experimental study on dilation behaviour of asphalt mixtures
J. Zhang, J. Yang & K. Wang

Fatigue characters of asphalt multilayer surfacing system on steel bridge deck based on the five-point bending tests
X. Liu, G. Tzimiris, T. Scarpas & J. Li

Determination of binder-aggregate adhesion by contact angle measurement
R. Aranowski, P. Wojewódka & K. Błażejowski

Investigation of asphalt mixture strength statistics at low temperature based on size effect analysis
A.C. Falchetto, J.-L. Le & M. Marasteanu

Mineral aggregate in asphalt concrete/mix design methodology/novel methods to aid mix design

Effect of fine aggregate form, angularity and texture on the viscoelastic properties of asphalt mortar
Y. Tan, H. Zhang, H. Xu, Y. Wang & X. Yao

Research on fractal features of basalt aggregate surface topography
J. Pei, Y. Li, D. Zhang, Y. Liu & J. Zhang

Design of cement stabilized full depth reclaimed mixes using Superpave Gyratory Compactor
I. Boz & M. Solaimanian

Hot Mix Asphalt for airfield pavements—moving from Marshall mix design to Superpave
N. Garg, Q. Li, H. Brar & I. Song

Implementation of a static strength test for evaluating the rutting resistance of asphalt mixtures and its application for quality controls
S. Angelone, M.C. Casaux & F. Martinez

Warm mix asphalt technologies—I

Moisture susceptibility of Warm-Mix Asphalt
L.G. Cucalon, A.E. Martin, E. Arambula, F. Yin, C.K. Estakhri, E.S. Park & J. Epps

Evaluation of Warm Mix Asphalt technology for surface mixtures
D. Ayyala, H. Malladi, N.P. Khosla & A.A. Tayebali

Study on the improved recycled asphalt mixtures by microbubble-foamed asphalt
K. Koshi, H. Moriyasu, K. Saito & Y. Shimizu

Workability and coatability of foamed Warm-Mix Asphalt
F. Yin, E. Arambula, D. Newcomb & A. Bhasin

Cleaner Warm-Mix Asphalt (CWMA) at macro level: Case study for the United States
A. Jamshidi & M.O. Hamzah

Innovative pavement analysis and design—I

Retrofitted fully permeable shoulders as a stormwater management strategy on highways
D. Jones, H. Li & J. Harvey

Laboratory characterization of North Carolina base course aggregates

for permanent deformation model development and calibration
L.C. Chow, D. Mishra & E. Tutumluer

Towards a sustainable surfacing system for the long-spanned orthotropic steel bridge deck in China Part I: State-of-the-practice
X. Chen, X. Liu, Z. Qian & J. Yang

Rutting and cracking modeling of asphalt pavements considering nonlinear viscoelasticity and cohesive zone fracture
S. Im, H. Ban & Y.-R. Kim

The application of strain limit based design to heavy industrial pavements
D. Morian, G.W. Wang & D. Frith

Pavement response analysis under static and moving wheel loads—I

Determination of an equivalent elastic system to a multilayer viscoelastic structure: Application to the case of thick flexible pavement
C. Olivier, C. Armelle, B. Didier & P. Jean-Michel

Best sensing location in pavement to compare loading conditions
W. Xue, L. Wang & E.J. Weaver

Structural and functional deterioration of porous asphalt pavement under moving wheel load in laboratory
N. Yoshida & S. Tani

Heavy Vehicle Simulator tests at VTI
T. Saevarsdottir, S. Erlingsson & H. Carlsson

Experimental characterization of asphaltic materials—IV

Effect of asphalt binder oxidation on the modulus of asphalt concrete mixtures
B.S. Underwood, C.-M. Baek & Y.R. Kim

Evaluation of cracking resistance of Superpave mixtures in Kansas
S.R. Aziz, M. Hossain & G. Schieber

An experimental study on viscoelastic behaviour of bituminous mastics
M. Pasetto, S.D. Barbati & G. Giacomello

Viscoplastic strain modeling of asphalt binder based on repeated creep recovery test
C. Wang & J. Zhang

Fatigue performance and stiffness properties of Stone Mastic Asphalts with steel slag and coal ash
M. Pasetto & N. Baldo

Additives and modifiers for asphalt concrete—III

Comparison between SBS and crumb rubber modified asphalt—laboratory and field study
E. Nielsen

Mechanical influence of mineral fillers on asphalt mixture cracking behaviour
E. Romeo, R. Roncella, S. Rastelli & A. Montepara

Decay law of Cement-Emulsified-Asphalt-Cold-Recycled Mixture (CEACRM) in recycling process
L. Huang, Y. Gu, B. Tang & Z. Hao

Investigating effect of amine based additives on asphalt rubber rheological properties
A. Bocoum, S. Hosseinnezhad & E.H. Fini

Microstructural characterization and micromechanics of asphaltic materials—II

Micro-scale investigation of oxygen diffusion on bitumen surfaces
P.K. Das, N. Kringos & B. Birgisson

Multiscale modeling of asphaltic media considering heterogeneity, viscoelasticity, and nonlinear fracture damage
J.E.S. Lutif, Y. Kim, F.V. Souza & D.H. Allen

Structuralization as characteristic to link the mechanical behaviours of asphalt concrete at different length scales
B.S. Underwood & Y.R. Kim

Simulation of drying aggregate in asphalt plants
H. Wen, K. Zhang, A. Hobbs & S.L. Edburg

Author index


Experimental characterization of asphaltic materials—V

Evaluation of gradation-based criteria for cracking performance
M. Isola, J. Zou, R. Roque, S. Chun & G. Lopp

Characterization of nonlinear viscoelastic material properties of asphalt materials in multiple length scales
S. Im, H. Ban & Y.-R. Kim

Usage of advanced functions of Dynamic Shear Rheometer for the selection of a suitable binder for asphalt mixtures
O. Dašek, P. Hýzl, M. Varaus, P. Coufalík, P. Špaček & Z. Hegr

Possibilities of a hollow cylinder tester for asphalt mixtures
E.J. Rueda, S. Caro, B. Caicedo & J. Monroy


Rutting and cracking potential of HMA consisting of RAP
G. Bharath, V. Tandon, M.A. Reddy & K.S. Reddy

Workability of WMA and WMA-RAP mixtures and relationship to field compaction
M. Mejias-Santiago, J.D. Doyle & J.F. Rushing

Effect of lime on short-term bearing capacity of bitumen emulsion recycled mixtures
G. Betti, A. Cocurullo, A. Marradi, G. Tebaldi, G. Airey & K. Jenkins

Performance evaluation of Cement Grouted Bituminous mixes
G.M. Raju, D.S.R. Reddy & K.S. Reddy

Modeling of asphaltic materials and pavements

Aging and constitutive modeling of asphalt mixtures: Research developments in Brazil
L.F. de A.L. Babadopulos, J.B. Soares & V.T.F.C. Branco

Evaluation of the fatigue performance of asphalt mixtures with high RAP content
A. Norouzi, M. Sabouri & Y.R. Kim

Three dimensional behaviour of bituminous mixtures in the linear viscoelastic and viscoplastic domains: The DBN model
P. Gayte, H. Di Benedetto & C. Sauzeat

Accelerated pavement testing for verification of DARWin-ME models for superpave pavements
S. Romanoschi & M. Hossain

Power law viscoelastic contact model for Discrete Element Method simulation of asphalt binder
B. Peng & L. Wang

Pavement response analysis under static and moving wheel loads—II

Inverted pavement versus semi-rigid pavement: Comparison of dynamic response in field test via mobile loading simulator
J. Liu, J. Chen, Y. Liu & C. Zhou

Pavement responses as function of truck tire type
J.A. Hernandez, I.L. Al-Qadi, H. Ozer, J. Greene, B. Choubane, R. Wu, J. Harvey & E.J. Weaver

Effect of geotextile-reinforced base on fatigue life of Hot-Mix Asphalt pavement
M. Saghebfar, M. Hossain & N. Sabahfar

Resilient modulus modeling of unsaturated subgrade soils with matric suction control
F. Salour, S. Erlingsson & C.E. Zapata

Influence of saturation and repeated loading on mechanical behavior of permeable asphalt pavement
Y. Kawaguchi, S. Nakashima & N. Shimizu


Utilization of municipal solid waste Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate in asphalt mixture
D. Liu, L. Li & H. Cui

An investigation into the effects of accelerated curing on Cold Recycled Bituminous Mixes
C. Ojum, K. Kuna, N.H. Thom & G. Airey

Forensic analysis of long term aged Hot Mix Asphalt field cores containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement
K. Barry, J.S. Daniel & D. Boisvert

Resistance to permanent deformation of base courses asphalt concretes made with RAP aggregate and steel slag
M. Pasetto & N. Baldo

Effect of asphalt binder content and grade on transverse field cracking performance of Minnesota’s Roadways
E.V. Dave, C. Hanson, B. Helmer & L. Johanneck

Warm mix asphalt technologies—II

Temperature effects on Warm Mix Asphalt performance
V. Jalali, J.R.A. Grenfell & A. Dawson

Evolution of bubble size distribution during foam bitumen formation and decay
B.W. Hailesilassie, P. Schuetz, I. Jerjen, A. Bieder, M. Hugener & M.N. Partl

Evaluating the effects of Sasobit on characterization and workability of asphalt mixes containing reclaimed asphalt binders
F. Safazadeh & A. Vahabi

Towards a better understanding of Warm Mix Asphalt surface-active additives mechanism
G. Flavien, K. Philippe & L. Laurence

Study on integrated application and durability of two warm-mix asphalt techniques
L. Liu, X. Gao, Z. Xu & L. Sun

Experimental characterization of asphaltic materials—VI

Characterization of bituminous layers interfaces: From the mechanical behaviour to the modelling
K. Rahma, L. Ismaelle, M. Anne, F. Fazia, P. Ion-Octavian & P. Christophe

Comparison of asphalt fatigue characteristics under different control modes
H. Zhang, L. Shan, Y. Tan, Y. Feng & H. He

Moisture sensitivity of interlayers between conventional and porous asphalt mixes
E. Pasquini, F. Cardone & F. Canestrari

Fatigue behaviour of an asphalt concrete reinforced with glass fiber grid with 4PB test
I.M. Arsenie, C. Chazallon, J.L. Duchez & D. Doligez

An investigation into dynamic modulus of Western Australia Hot Mix Asphalt
S. Kumlai, P. Jitsangiam & H. Nikraz

Additives and modifiers for asphalt concrete—IV

Composite stress analysis of fibre-reinforced Hot-Mix Asphalt mixtures
P.J. Yoo, Y.-B. Kim & S.-M. Ham

Evaluation of Recycled Tire Rubber (RTR) modified binders to typical polymer modified binders for performance specifications
J.A. D’Angelo & G. Baumgardner

Investigating the evolution of emulsified binder nanorheology using Atomic Force Microscopy
P. Kabir, M.S. Sakhaeifar & D.N. Little

Estimating the tensile strain at the bottom of the HMA layer using TSD deflection slope measurements
S. Katicha, J. Bryce & G. Flintsch

Microstructural characterization and micromechanics of asphalt materials

Modeling the effects of constituent properties on the mechanical behavior of asphalt mixtures
F.T.S. Aragão & Y.-R. Kim

Viscoelastic behavior of mastic phase of Asphalt Concrete
M. Hossain, H. Faisal & R. Tarefder

Uniaxial fatigue testing of diverse asphalt concrete mixtures
W.A. Zeiada, B.S. Underwood & K.E. Kaloush

Quantitative nanomechanical property mapping of bitumen micro-phases by peak-force Atomic Force Microscopy
S.N. Nahar, A.J.M. Schmets, G. Schitter & A. Scarpas

Sustainable asphalt technologies—II

Effective reduction of asphalt pavement temperatures
R.B. Mallick, R.K. Worsman, H. Li, J. Harvey & S. Bhowmick

Evaluation of SMA containing RAP and RAS
S. Diefenderfer

The model for induction-healing asphalt concrete
A. Garcia, M. Bueno, J. Norambuena-Contreras, Q. Liu & M.N. Partl

Investigation on hardening mechanism and cement hydration of Cement
Asphalt Emulsion Composites
X. Fang, A. Garcia, M.N. Partl & P. Lura

Long-term pavement performance prediction—II

Scottish Inspection Panel
M. McHale, D. Millar & I. Carswell

The residual life of thin surfaced pavements
D. Alabaster, T. Henning & D. Wilson

Comparison of rutting performance between the PURWheel and the NCAT test track
Y. Tian, A. Hekmatfar & J.E. Haddock

Experimental characterization of asphaltic materials—VII

Alternative methodologies to evaluate storage stability of rubberised bitumens
D. Lo Presti, N. Memon, J.R.A. Grenfell & G. Airey

Investigation of the effect of temperature on asphalt binder fatigue
F. Safaei & C. Hintz

Effective temperature for permanent deformation testing of asphalt mixtures
A. Mohseni & H. Azari

Possibility to utilize new natural rock asphalt for guss asphalt
A. Kawakami, I. Sasaki, K. Kubo, S. Ueno, M. Hermadi & W. Pravianto

Additives and modifiers for asphalt concrete—V

Improvement of asphalt concrete moisture damage resistance using Saline Coupling Agent
M. Guo, Y. Tan & R. Zhang

Estimation of the composition of rubber bitumen pellets using Thermogravimetric Analysis
I. Artamendi, P. Phillips, B. Allen & G. Evans

Innovative pavement analysis and design—II

Towards modeling rutting for asphalt pavements in hot climates
A.D. Mwanza, M. Muya & P. Hao

Evaluation of low temperature stability of bitumen and hot mix asphalt pavement
B. Teltayev, Y. Kaganovich & Y. Amirbayev

Development of field-calibrated master curves for in-place modulus
M. Robbins & D. Timm

The development of pavement rehabilitation design guidelines for increasing the allowable axle load from 100 kN to 115 kN
L. Petho & C. Toth

Maintenance and rehabilitation—II

The crack resistance potential of sand asphalts subjected to thermal loading
O.M. Ogundipe, N.H. Thom & A.C. Collop

Sustainability metrics of flexible pavement preservation and rehabilitation in Canada
S. Chan, B. Lane & T. Kazmierowski

Quantifying the pavement preservation value of chip seals
A. Zeinali, P.B. Blankenship & K.C. Mahboub

Final evaluation of LTPP SPS-3 flexible maintenance performance
D. Morian, G. Wang & D. Frith


Rehabilitation of Ardebil-Khalkhal main road in Iran applying cold recycling with foam bitumen and cement
L. Hashemian, A. Kavussi & H. Abolmali

Temperature and confinement effects on the stiffness of a Cold Central-Plant Recycled mixture
B.K. Diefenderfer & S.D. Link

Laboratory performance evaluation of RAP/RAS mixtures designed with virgin and blended binders
A. Zeinali, P.B. Blankenship & K.C. Mahboub

Effect of rejuvenator on performance properties of HMA mixtures with high RAP contents
N. Tran, A. Taylor & R. Willis

Experimental characterization of asphaltic materials—VIII

Testing asphalt concrete in diametral tension-compression
E. Levenberg

The Reflective Cracking Tester: A third-scale accelerated pavement tester for reflective cracking
A.D. Wargo, S. Islam & Y.R. Kim

Contact characterization of asphalt mixture using image process
L. Jiao, N. Zuo & J. Yang

Additives and modifiers for asphalt concrete—VI

Reduction of low temperature asphalt binder stiffness using a Renewable Additive
G. Reinke, S. Glidden, S. Listberger & S. Stauduhar

Developing test methods for the determination of the performance and safety of bio-sourced Asphalt Release Agents (ARAs)
P. Mikhailenko, E. Ringot, A. Bertron & G. Escadeillas

Laboratory evaluation of Sulphur Extended Asphalt Modifier
U. Meena, S. Chandra & A. Gupta

Moisture susceptibility of Nano-sized Hydrated Lime-modified foamed Warm Mix Asphalt mixes
A. Diab & Z. You

Microstructural characterization and micromechanics of asphaltic materials—III

Microstructure-property relationships of Sasobit modified Warm Mix Asphalts
Q. Qin, A.T. Pauli & M.J. Farrar

Micromechanical and microstructure analysis of asphalt concrete under triaxial load condition based on Discrete Element Method
J. Yang, K. Wang, Q. Lu, J. Zhang & H. Wang

Effect of micro-scale morphological parameters on meso-scale response of Asphalt Concrete
I. Onifade, D. Jelagin, A. Guarin, B. Birgisson & N. Kringos

Combined effects of oxidative aging and moisture inclusion on asphalt binder using Molecular Dynamic simulation
J. Pan, M. Hossain & R. Tarefder

Asphalt pavement and environment

Use of Life Cycle Assessment for asphalt pavement at the network and project levels
J. Harvey, A. Kendall, N. Santero & T. Wang

Photocatalytic Warm Mix Asphalt laboratory performance testing
M.M. Hassan, L.N. Mohammad, H. Dylla, S. Asadi & S. Cooper

Clear asphalt concrete for energy saving in road tunnels
E. Bocci & M. Bocci

Optimization of thermoelectric system for pavement energy harvesting
P. Park, G.S. Choi, E. Rohani & I. Song

Performance-related specifications

Investigation of limiting criteria for asphalt mixture low temperature cracking
A.C. Falchetto, K.H. Moon & M. Marasteanu

A simplified flexible pavement guide with analytical reliability analysis
J. Uzan, S. Nesichi & N. Weinstein

Integration of Mechanistic-Empirical design and performance based specifications: California experience to date
J. Harvey, J. Signore, R. Wu, I. Basheer, S. Holikatti, P. Vacura & T.J. Holland

The use of performance specifications to improve pavement design and sustainability in the UK
B. Hakim & R. Elliott

Experimental characterization of asphaltic materials—IX

Impact on the use of Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles on mixture and recovered binder properties
G. Reinke, S. Glidden, S. Engber, M. Ryan & D. Herlitzka

Mode II fatigue and reflective cracking performance of GlasGrid-reinforced asphalt concrete under repeated loading
A. Safavizadeh & Y.R. Kim

Evaluating the effects of volumetric properties on the electrical resistivity characteristics of asphalt mixes
S.A. Forough & F.M. Nejad

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