Assessing Adolescents in Educational, Counseling, and Other Settings  book cover
1st Edition

Assessing Adolescents in Educational, Counseling, and Other Settings

ISBN 9781138003170
Published October 6, 2015 by Routledge
328 Pages

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Book Description

Adolescence is a distinct period of development that presents a number of special challenges. This fact has important implications for professionals selecting and administering assessment procedures and interpreting the data they yield, yet assessment texts have focused on adults or children and devoted minimal attention to adolescents. This book constitutes the first up-to-date and practical guide to the effective psychological assessment of adolescents.

Throughout, the author's emphasis is on standardized instruments. Their use, he argues, provides more valid information about individuals, leads to better treatment or placement decisions, and contributes to the more efficient management of organizational resources than does reliance on clinical interviews and judgment alone.

Assessing Adolescents in Educational, Counseling, and Other Settings will be welcomed by all those professionally involved in the assessment of adolescents--psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, child care agency staff, and educators--as well as by those who must make decisions based on their assessments--school principals, youth court judges, and managers of residential treatment facilities among others. Developmental researchers will also find this review of available standardized tools helpful in their work.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. Introduction. Part I: An Introduction to Contemporary Research and Theory on Adolescence. The Analysis of Adolescent Development. Identifying and Treating Problem Behavior in Adolescents. Part II: An Introduction to Psychological Assessment. Basic Concepts in Assessment. Practical and Ethical Issues in Assessment. Part III: Assessment Instruments. Measures of Aptitudes and Achievement. Personality Tests. The Interview. Behavioral Ratings and Checklists. Rating and Questionnaire Measures of Attitudes, Values, Interests, and Cognitions. Composite and Environmental Measures. Conclusions and Recommendations. Appendix: Addresses for Major Test Publishers.

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"It offers an excellent introduction to the subject for a broad range of professionals, briefly describes most of the instruments in current use, and reviews the complexities of testing-normative sampling, theoretical models of development, reliability and validity, biases (age, gender, and culture), predictive value, tester/interpreter to be highly recommended for its comprehensive overview and extensive references."
READINGS: A Journal of Reviews and Commentary in Mental Health

"A compendium of assessment devices pertinent to adolescents is a welcome addition to the available psychometric literature. In addition to the obvious strength of compiling and reviewing the full range of instruments used in adolescent assessment, this book has several other assets. In all chapters, including the chapters on instruments themselves, the author returns to the issues surrounding adolescent assessment-thus the book is more than an index and review of texts."
Canadian Psychology

"This book constitutes a comprehensive guide to the effective psychological assessment of adolescents."
Family Therapy: The Journal of the California Graduate School of Family Psycholo

"Despite the fact that there have been a number of assessment texts published in the past few years, Assessing Adolescents in Educational, Counseling, ad Other Settings competes well. Granted, there are texts that place greater emphasis, thus, allot more pages to certain issues and tests....None of these other texts, however, provide the breadth of coverage of tests and issues, nor do they allow such easy access to information. For this alone, Hoge should be applauded."
Contemporary Psychology

"Robert Hoge's latest book has indeed provided us with a text that can be used effectively by clinicians, teachers, and researchers. In every chapter, I found material that expanded my understanding of the population being discussed and the assessments used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the adolescent(s) in question. The examples given provided further understanding of how quality assessment can be used to provide guidance in program development."
Carol M. Crealock, PhD
University of Western Ontario

"For professionals concerned with the assessment of adolescents within educational, medical, clinical, counseling, organizational, and forensic settings, this book is an absolute MUST! Following a review of contemporary research and theory bearing on adolescence, Hoge carefully walks the reader through the various stages involved in the selection, use, and evaluation of assessment instruments and procedures in general, and as they relate to adolescents, in particular. Consistent with Hoge's other publications, the book is extremely well organized, and all information thoroughly researched and clearly presented. An invaluable resource for the conduct of sound assessment practice as it relates to the adolescent population!"
Barbara Byrne, PhD
University of Ottawa