1st Edition

Assessment in Medical Education and Training A Practical Guide

By Neil Jackson, Alex Jamieson, Anwar Khan Copyright 2007

    This work contains a foreword by Dame Lesley Southgate, President, Royal Free and University College Medical School, London. Assessment is a key method of improving standards as well as establishing competency. However, despite major developments in the assessment of clinical competence in the last two decades, there is still more bad practice and ignorance of significant issues in this area than any other aspect of medical higher education. This book comprehensively covers all aspects of assessment. It considers current and future policy and practice, including the Modernising Medical Careers training programme; it promotes a system incorporating more meaningful assessments, rather than just 'tests' of knowledge and skill. "Assessment in Medical Education and Training" will be useful to everyone involved in healthcare education, including tutors, trainers, clinical supervisors and assessors in both primary and secondary care. It will also be important reading for consultants and general practitioners with responsibility for registrars, and healthcare education policy makers and shapers. 'Acquisition of knowledge and skills is not sufficient alone; we need to be able to apply the knowledge, skills and strategies learnt, and in turn these can be the appropriate targets of assessment. There is a movement away from traditional, multiple-choice tests to assessments that include a wide variety of methods and so provide for more meaningful assessments which can better capture significant outcomes in order to assure their future success.' - Neil Jackson, Alex Jamieson and Anwar Khan, in the Introduction. 'This thoughtful, provocative and eclectic book is published at a time of enormous change in the content, structure and quality assurance of postgraduate medical education in the United Kingdom. The reader will be challenged and stimulated by the variety of views and emphases. Essential.' - Dame Lesley Southgate, in the Foreword.

    Introduction. The principles of assessment design. Assessment in the undergraduate curriculum. Assessment in the Foundation Programme. Record of in-training assessments (RITA). Assessment for recruitment. Workplace-based assessment for general practice training. Preparing teachers for work-based teaching and assessing. Simulated surgery for the assessment of consulting skills. Video assessment. Summative assessment. Self assessment - tools for personal development. Practice based assessment. Assessment where performance gives rise to concern. Legal perspectives of assessment. Postmodernising medical careers: assessment in an age of uncertainty.


    This work contains a foreword by Dame Lesley Southgate, President, Royal Free and University College Medical School, London.

    Neil Jackson Postgraduate Dean of General Practice, London Deanery Honorary Professor of Medical Education, Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of London. Alex Jamieson Associate Director, London Deanery GP Department, Course Director (Queen Mary), Joint MSc in Primary Care Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry, and City University, London.

    Anwar Khan Associate Director, London Deanery GP Department University of London