3rd Edition

Asset Management Excellence Optimizing Equipment Life-Cycle Decisions

    542 Pages 202 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This is the third edition of Asset Management Excellence: Optimizing Equipment Life-Cycle Decisions.

    This edition acknowledges and introduces the many changes to the Asset Management business while continuing to explain the supporting fundamentals. Since the second edition, there have been many influences of change in asset management, society’s expectations, and supporting technologies.

    In this edition, the contributors have revisited the content and have updated and added insights and information based on the emerging influences in thinking and the continued evolution of applied technologies since the prior editions.

    New in the Third Edition:

    • Updates across each of the second edition chapters to align with today’s insights
    • Updates on technologies now available to support Asset Management, including related software packaging, the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence
    • Insights on how Information Technology can step up to help an asset-intensive organization compete, drive to operational excellence and automation
    • A chapter on sustainability and the influence Asset Management may have on this higher-focus priority
    • A chapter on change enablement as the process and technology changes impact the various stakeholders of asset-intensive organizations

    The fundamentals of Asset Management are essential as Asset-intensive organizations look to technologies to help them compete. AI is becoming pervasive but must be confirmed and aligned with the fundamentals. This edition will provoke thought as each organization determines its next steps toward its new challenges in Asset Management.

    1. Asset Management Excellence

    Don M. Barry

    Previous contributions from Don M. Barry and John D. Campbell

    2. Asset Classes and the World of Life Cycle Asset Management

    Don M. Barry

    Previous contributions from Joel McGlynn and Frank "Chip" Knowlton

    3. A Framework for Asset Management

    Don M. Barry

    Previous contributions from Thomas Port, Joseph Ashun, and Thomas J. Callaghan

    4. Measurement of Asset Management

    Don M. Barry

    Previous contributions from Don M. Barry and J. Stevens

    5. Asset Management Systems and Technology

    Don M. Barry

    Previous contributions from Don M. Barry, Brian Helstrom, Joe Potter, and Ben Stevens

    6. Maintenance Parts Management Optimization

    Don M. Barry

    Previous contributions from Don M. Barry, Eric Olsen, and Monique Petit

    7. Assessing and Managing Risk

    Don M. Barry

    Previous contributions from Siegried F. Sanders, J. Kaderavek, and G. Walker

    8. Reliability by Design - Reliability-centred Maintenance

    Don M. Barry

    Previous contributions from Don M. Barry and Jim Picknell

    9. Reliability by Operator: Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

    Don M. Barry

    Previous contributions from Doug Stretton and Patrice Catoir

    10. Reliability Management and Maintenance Optimization: Basic Statistics and Economics

    Andrew K. S. Jardine

    Original by Murray Wiseman

    11. Maintenance Optimization Models

    Andrew K. S. Jardine

    12. Optimizing Maintenance and Replacement Decisions

    Andrew K. S. Jardine

    Previous contributions from Andrew K. S. Jardine and Murray Wiseman

    13. A Maintenance Assessment Case Study

    Don M. Barry

    Previous contributions from Don M. Barry

    14. Real Estate, Facilities, and Construction

    Brett Barlow and Atif Sheikh

    Original by Andrew Carey and Joe Potter

    15. IT Service Management Lifecycle

    Brian Helstrom

    Previous contributions from Brian Helstrom and Ron Green

    16. Information Technology Asset Management

    Brian Helstrom

    Previous contributions from Ron Green and Brian Helstrom

    17. Achieving Asset Management Excellence

    Don M. Barry

    Previous contributions from Don M. Barry and John D. Campbell

    18. Enabling Change in Asset Management

    Don M. Barry

    19. Sustainability and Asset Management

    Don M. Barry

    20. Technology Trends in Asset Management

    Don M. Barry

    Previous contributions from Joel McGlynn and Don Fenhagen

    Appendix A. References, Facts, Figures and Formulas

    Appendix B. Emerging Asset Management Standards in Industry


    Donald Barry is a Principal Consultant with an Asset Management and Technology Services organization, supporting Risk and Reliability Strategies, ISO55000 and Asset Management Strategy consulting, Enterprise Asset Management, and Asset Performance Management solutions. Previously he was the Global Lead for IBM’s Asset Management Center of Competency and an Associate Partner, leading IBM’s Asset Management Practice (for 15 years).

    Don Barry has over 40 years of asset management-related service delivery support systems and application development, including three years in field service management and 15 years in business process development and supply chain management.

    Mr. Barry’s direct client list has included industries such as Upstream Oil and Gas, Pipelines, Power Generation and T&D Utilities, Mining, Forestry, Airlines, Electronics Manufacturers, Steel Manufacturers, and Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Governments.

    He is a primary instructor of the Physical Asset Management program at the University of Toronto and has been teaching this class since 2014.


    He was a prime contributor to the 2nd edition of “Asset Management Excellence – Optimizing Equipment Life-cycle Decisions” published in 2011, CRC Press.

    He is the author of Maintenance Parts Management Excellence, A Holistic Anatomy, published in 2023 by CRC Press.

    Function and specialization

    • Asset Management strategy and change consultant, instructor, and Program Executive
    • EAM (i.e., Maximo) and related systems implementation Program Executive
    • Reliability Centered Maintenance Practitioner
    • Maintenance Parts Management consultant and Program Executive
    • Consulting Professional

    Mr. Barry is a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Plant and Production Maintenance, awarded by Federated Press.