1st Edition

Astropolitik Classical Geopolitics in the Space Age

By Everett C. Dolman Copyright 2002
    238 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume identifies and evaluates the relationship between outer-space geography and geographic position (astrogeography), and the evolution of current and future military space strategy. In doing so, it explores five primary propositions.

    intellectually grounded in the best tradition of geopolitics, has something genuinely new to say, and makes vital contributions to the dialogue between the interrelationships between space and national security ... A stunning intellectual achievement and the first book that can legitimately claim to present a comprehensive theory of space power -

    - Air and Space Power Journal

    " ... groundbreaking and will definitely command attention ... a daring and forward-looking book ... one of the most daring and exciting books to be written on this subject"

    - Comparative Strategy

    Mr B. Haggman, Centre for Research on Geopolitics

    "presents one of the most important contributions, also one of the first, in the field"

    Defense Review

    "Outstanding literature relevant to policy on outer space is rare. More often than not, the policy maker dealing with space matters has to trawl through narrow and dry technical tomes, or fantastical speculation of no relevance whatsoever. As an excellent example of relevant writing on outer space policy, Everett Dolman"s Astropolitik is most welcome...highly recommended and rewarding read for anyone interested in current thinking on the direction of US military and civil space policy, and how such thinking might affect space policy in Britain."

    RUSI Journal

    "a timely cascade of grand-strategic thought"

    "A timely text that examines the theoretical, political and policy structures of space. ...Required reading for serious space-power advocates, this book will dominate the field of space theory."

    - Aerospace Power Chronicles


    Estelle Roith